My doctor wants me to try it again at the low 50mg at night,but not sure how fast it will work. I have sleep disorder an cant go to sleep on my own since auto accident,plus I have fibromyalgia,arthritis,CFS,nerve pain,severe back/neck pain,just to name a few. So I need help to sleep so body can get rest to help my pain. But I mainly need pain relief as it is getting very bad in my feet,hands and other joints. I could no longer work since 2006 and most meds make me sick or have other bad side effects, so I am scared to try anything or doctors have given up on me,but I have to get some relief so I can enjoy life again. I am now 58 and missing out on my new grandkids. So any help on when to take the Lyrica at night would be most helpful. Thanks an God bless~