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Valium vs Xanax: Which is better?

What is better for anxiety, Valium or Xanax? Also is one less addictive than the other?

Drug Test - how long does one 10 mg Valium stay in your system?

I have only taken one 10 mg Valium and now I have to take a urine test.

Are Valium or Xanax the best for anxiety disorders?

How fast does Valium start working compared to Xanax?

I am on Klonopin for anxiety and panic attacks and it does not work. Trying to find out whether Xanax or Valium will be the best for me? I thank you for any help.

How many 2mg Valium is equivalent to a 1mg Xanax?

How long does Valium stay in your system that will show up in a urine test?

I am new in pain management and going thru changes in medicines, I am going thru withdrawals even though I wear a 50mcg. fentanyl patch. My Valium is prescribed by my old doctor, and I have some left and am at a point I really need to get this anxiety down for I am in pretty bad shape now. Already... read more

What non benzo is as good for anxiety as I dont want to return to any benzos ?

Is there any non benzos out there that can combat anxiety as well as benzos if so id be over the moon if someone could point me in the rite direction , after being on valium for nearly 17 years I know all the downfalls , it is a great anti anxiety but the cons out weigh the pros. Any help would be... read more

Does anyone take Valium (diazepam) for Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Myofascial pain?

I have been on Valium since 2004. initially for CMP and continued with it when FM was diagnosed. My Dr stopped it recently he could not justify why. Now the only muscle relaxant I am on is Amitriptyline 25mg at night and this does nothing to ease the muscles at all.I intend to see my specialist to... read more

Is lexapro better to take in the morning or evening?

do you get better sleep taking it in the evening because i think my sleep is all influnced by drugs like valium, serapax and Temezapam and I would like to cut them down. i dont take a lot but even a little is to much. Also I think i will talk to my doctor about a sleep test.

How does 1mg clonazepam compare to a 10mg Valium in terms of strength?

I have been on 10mg valiums three times daily. I have recently been introduced to 1mg clonazepam and I am curious what the strength of the clonazepam 1mg compares to the Valium 10mg.

Do Xanax and Valium show up the same on a drug screen?

I have a current script for Xanax, but took a few Valiums the other night because they help me sleep better. I got called for a job today, and I am sure they are going to make me do a drug screen. Will my prescription for Xanax cover the Valium? I know they are both benzos.

Does a 5 mg valium equal a 1mg xanax?

What mgs is 1mg equal to valium?


Can you take Tramadol along side Valium ?

Can I take Valium and Xanax together?

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