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How many 2mg Valium is equivalent to a 1mg Xanax?

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11 Answers

Presidio2 13 March 2021

Xanax feels stronger because it acts faster. Over time you have to up the dosage of Xanax to reach desired affects.

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KelTecRespec 9 Sep 2020

Alprazolam (Xanax) has a shorter life span than Diazepam (Valium), but Diazepam (Valium) is no where near as strong as Alprazolam (Xanax). The mg's of Alprazolam (Xanax) vs. the mg's of Diazepam (Valium) is, 10mg's of Diazepam (Valium) equals 0.5mg's of Alprazolam (Xanax). With that being said 20mg's of Diazepam (Valium) would equal 1mg of Alprazolam (Xanax) and 40mg's of Diazepam (Valium) is equal to 2mg's of Alprazolam (Xanax). I've been on xanax for 14 years still to this day. I've tried all the benzodiazepine's, Lorazepam (Ativan), Diazepam (Valium), Alprazolam (Xanax) & Clonazepam (Klonopin), and can tell you that out of the 4 I just named, Alprazolam (Xanax) is the strongest benzodiazepine per mg. I hope this helped. - KelTecRespec

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Pharmtech99 2 Aug 2019

20mg of Valium is equal to 0.25mg of xanax. I know because im on 2mg of xanax and tried to switch to Valium and couldnt, no comparison to MY level of anxiety but everyone is different.

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Ben Zo 19 Jan 2020

I find this likely. I live in England and Xanax are very hard to come by. Only available on private prescription not on NHS. I’ve been on benzo‘a for 20 years. Things like diazepam , nitrazepam , temazepam, lorazepam and others like Librium and zopiclone. I had a 2mg bar of Xanax on Saturday and I can safely say it was much much stronger than any of the aforementioned. It certainly stronger than 20-40 mg of diazepam. I could eat that for breakfast. It absolutely hammered me. I can believe it’s equivalent to 80mg of diazepam. Easily.

Benzoinfo37 22 Nov 2018

The answer to this question is - 2 10mg Valium are as strong as (probably a little stronger) 1 2mg Xanax.

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GapDragon 26 Nov 2018

20mg of Valium is equivalent to .25mg of Xanax

gtrsteve 29 Aug 2017

3 - 4 valiums 2mg = 1mg XANAX

It's actually 15mg of valium = 1mg xanax

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rmh1128 29 June 2017

I am not sure what the equivalent dosage is but I do know xanax is a hell of lot more powerful on a mg per mg basis. Valium can come in 10mg pills and if you were to ever take 10mg of xanax it would be bad!!!

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TheWorldIsFullofShit 13 March 2018

Seems to me the only people that know exactly how Xanax works are the ones shoving it up their noses on a daily basis... Trust me guys they know exactly how everything works pfffftttt

Chipbellamy0614 6 Sep 2018

Take it from a person that took Xanax for 6 1/2 years for 2 mg bars a day. Due to extreme anxiety. 10 mg of Valium does not come close to equaling Xanax at all if you were to take 10 mg of Xanax at one time it would maybe comatose you. Whoever said 1 mg of Xanax is equal to around 20 mg or 10 mg is right. I took two 2 mg of Xanax and it put me in Lalaville

john_prev767 31 Jan 2017

Each mg of both xanax and Valium are as equal as the other! 1mg of diazepam is the same as any other 1mf name brand drug (or any other of the same derivative of the benzo family) ... The only difference is the length at which the drug is continuously effective in your system! If u have 1 mg of Valium it is the equivalent of 1 mg of xanax.. 2 mg of xanax is the equivalent to 2 mg of Valium.. Etc... So on and so forth! Valium stays in ur system and affects ur body, brain, and human functions for double the time ((give or take)) that xanax does!!! I know this from being prescribed to the both of them on separate occasions concurrently one after the other.. I went 1mg xanax to 2 mg xanax then was switched after two years of continuous and daily use of the benzo to 2 mg of valium used with the same directions as the xanax directions.


I was switched because of the half life and the purpose of myune system building a tolerance to the xanax and they had become useless to me by that point in my prescribed days of benzo use! Originally it was one three times a day and finally I ended my benzo use being weined off of taking 2 mg every 6 hours to not exceed 4 in total daily! It takes 6 months to be properly Weined off of valium at such a high dosage as I was on. My suggestion(simple do NOT take to heart and get butthurt)) do not allow urself to become dependant upon these narcotics as I have done in my past there ARE Definitely different kinds of ways to get around being prescribed to such a horrible narcotic.. Seek second even third opinions before making such a life altering decision if u can. Also, if possible, find an alternative to such DRUGS!!! YOU "'*'WILL'*"" THANK ME LATER FOR THIS!! I PROMISE YOU THIS...

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KillGrave 20 Feb 2017

There is a non-benzo medicine called Atarax. It has an off label use for anxiety. It is non-addictive and some people have had some success with it who are prone to substance abuse, or just came off of benzo's and don't want to go back on them. The only drawback is most people can become very drowsy when they first start using it. Unfortunately it does not work for everyone but may be worth a try for those who do not want to do down or back down the benzo road.

JL316 19 March 2017

No no no no not even close

HaroldZ 3 Nov 2017

Sir, you sound certain of yourself. Sorry for your bout with the evil Benzos. However, despite your personal experience, you are quite grossly mistaken about your dosage comparison strengths and definition of half-life effect. As for others out there, john is right about one thing - get second, 3rd, and... accurate truth - especially about the math.
God Bless.

Slipknot99 8 July 2018

I Find that XANAX take a while to kick in and i took 13 x 2mg , Diazepam is Blue only (yellow/white no use) and at least 45 , Zopiclone are ok but i can take 40 of the 7.5mg ,, i have also started Etizolam 1mg but again its 30 plus at a time,,, my problem can be solved by having a month ir 2 off the Benzodiazepines, the Zimmovane and the Etizolam (try pronounce the name of the group ,, it ends in ZODIAZEPINE but the first 2/3 takes a while to get pronunciation correct

GapDragon 26 Nov 2018

1mg of Xanax is equivalent to 20mg of Valium.

Slowery12 15 June 2013

I took xanax for almost 15 years and I came off of them last year... My therapists and doctors told me that valium have a shorter life span then xanax... I am now taking valium instead of xanax...

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Inactive 5 April 2015

I don't know if you made a mistake in your post saying valium has a shorter life span than xanax, but it's the other way around and if your doctor's told you that then they are wrong as valium has a much longer half life than xanax. Xanax is a short acting benzo. You're doctor probably switched you to valium, because it last much longer ... Good day!

Tanbark45 17 Nov 2017

That is close to my story..Impatient therapy I learned that valiumshe life span was shorter than xanax. I was taking 2mgs x a day..xanax was giving me anxiety instead of taking it away. I'm taking valium now and they work differently but better

BellaDonna1964 9 April 2018

I agree with you. My doc gave me low doze xanax 5 years ago but man oh man it has a bad reaction for me. I only took one fill and it took me a year to finish it. It even gave me goose bumps until now thinking about it. I only take it when its really bad. Now im taking valium and i had this in 2015 and i still have 3 pills left. My PA somehow went away when i got a pet and now pets. :)

Stuottybhoy74 16 Sep 2018

If you do your research u will find diazepam have an 8 hour shelf life as xanax has 12 don't know how u can say xanax r a fast short benzos is mad you are still effected next day from xanax so deffo xanax r stronger

GapDragon 26 Nov 2018

Valium has a half-life of 100 hours. Xanax has a half-life of 12 hours. Not even close.

cwake19 2 Nov 2012

10 (TEN) 2mg Valium pills would be equivalent to a 1mg Xanax pill

10mg Valium = 0.5mg Xanax, therefore
(2mg Valium = 0.1mg Xanax) x (10) = 20mg Valium = 1mg Xanax

Ten 2mg Valium tablets equal a 1mg XANAX.

Hope this helps.

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sokolikova 15 Oct 2016

do you have some benzos for sale?

Shumacka 7 Sep 2017

Hey thanks for this information

Inactive 1 Nov 2012

Hello Vanessa,

10 mg Valium is = to 0.5 mg Xanax.

Kind regards... pamee

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Inactive 1 Nov 2012

I would put a link for the equal values of all benzos, but wouldn't allow it, so I sent the above about it.

Inactive 1 Nov 2012

Pledge is correct about valium being longer acting than xanax. Actually for long term use valium is better to use, and xanax for quick relief every once in awhile.

kaismama 1 Nov 2012

That's ok pamee, if you google it you come up with a bunch of them.

Inactive 1 Nov 2012

Thank you kaismama! May you have a great day!

dawhoda 5 April 2015

I agree

Inactive 1 Nov 2012

Hello VanessaHardy. Valium is a long acting Benzodiazepine. Xanax is a short acting Benzodiazepine. I would put the equation that 1mg valium is equal to 1mg Xanax. Regards pledge

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dawhoda 5 April 2015

Sorry it's not even close to equivalent to xanax buddy

Venice365 6 Nov 2016

This answer is crazy. 1 mg of Xanax is almost 20 times stronger than 1 mg of Valium!

psych NP 9 April 2017

Xanax 1 mg is equivalent to 10 mg Valium.
Long or short acting is an issue with tapering the medication.
Not the potency (which is what the mg equivalenices based on ).
Xanax is a difficult benzodiazepine to taper due to the withdrawal risks.

Danksmog 8 Jan 2018

All those benzos have different effects despite being in the same drug class.for instance lets look at similarities... they knock ya down a little bit if you take just a little bit.They can make you tired,slurred speach and forgetful.But they all have a noticable unique feel.

Ladeda8 7 May 2018

I agree!! I suffer from extreme anxiety... and am very familiar with both of these drugs... in my opinion xanax is more effective..but short lasting... it seems to take much more Valium to get relief from anxiety (not high) if there is a way to compare mg's I would like to know though.

CJ7727 9 July 2018

Xanax is usually started at .25mg, Valium at 2. However Xanax is quick acting with a short half-life, thus is the more sought after and abused benzo. Valium takes a good 30-45 minutes to kick in and stays active in your system around 24 hours, thus why it is the more versitile and preferred benzo by doctors. There really is no good conversion rate due to their vastly different action rates and half-lives, but in general, we pharm techs estimate it’s around .25mg Xanax is equal to anywhere between 1-2mg Valium depending on what condition it’s used for and the length of use (or abuse) by the patient. I take 10mg of Valium myself at the first sign of an oncoming seizure, for muscle spasm, and also for panic attacks. 2 years of use at that dose and it still kicks my butt for non panic attack use.

Love222 3 Sep 2018

Not quite right. I take 1mg Xanax, or 10mg Valium

Chipbellamy0614 6 Sep 2018

I totally agree!

Seyster 9 Sep 2021

I just saw the varied answers. 1 mg of Xanax and 1 mg of Klonopin are equal to 10 mg of Valium. It has been shown on many charts. When they are trying to wean people off Xanax or Klonopin, they use Valium as it is easier to taper down. free discount card

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