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Which is better for anxiety, a valium 5 or a klonopin 0.5?

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balbanese 14 Jul 2012

Any answer you get on this will be subjective, as what is "better" for one may not be for another. Best is whatever your Doc gives you first, then give it a few weeks. Hope this helps.

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livingdeadgirl 14 Jul 2012

Thanks, but I can't really tell that either have helped. And in my area, doctors are very hesitant to prescribe xanax, which is the only thing that I've found that help with my anxiety, seizures, muscle spasms, etc. The 5mg. Valium and the 0.5mg Klonopin are the only options my doctor is giving me at this point. Since I can't tell much of a difference in their effects, I thought maybe someone on here could tell me which worked best for them. Thanks, though!

balbanese 14 Jul 2012

Understood, but what I said still stands, subjective, and yes they are very close.

kaismama 14 Jul 2012

I would say your doc's idea is a little skewed. All 3 are benzos and all 3 are habit forming. Valium has probably been abused more then xanax over the years. Klonopin is the better drug for long term use, but it depends on how they work for you which is the best for you.

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livingdeadgirl 14 Jul 2012

Thanks for your response. I don't know alot about how they compare, I just know that the xanax I took before helped more than anything else they've given me. But what I don't really understand is the mg. Is Valium 5mg. close to Klonopin 0.5mg? I mean, they may be the same strength respectively, but the difference in the mg is what throws me off. So that's what I'm really trying to figure out is how Valium 5mg specifically compares to Klonopin 0.5mg specifically. I guess because there's such a difference in the mg and they are both benzos, I don't see how they can be about the same strength. But are they, you think?

kaismama 14 Jul 2012

I know that always gets confusing. Just remember that every medication, no matter if they are related or not, has a different effective dose. The manufacturers test each drug for the amount that helps most of the people and that is the recommended dose, with a little variance in it because people are different. I would say yes, they are closely equivalent in effect.

pamee 14 Jul 2012

For muscle spasms and long acting the valium is better. Klon, xanax and valium are very addictive, so be careful.. hope this has helped ... pamee

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livingdeadgirl 15 Jul 2012

Thank you, dear.

Inactive 15 Jul 2012

gotta agree with pamee, valium will help more with muscle spasms. but i would think that 10mgs would be more efficacious. (no offense to kaismama and balbanese)
hope you feel better soon.

klarkkent 23 Mar 2015

for me, .5 klonapin was more effective at reducing anxiety than was 5 Valium free discount card

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