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Does Valerian Root Cause Insomnia?

I tried taking Valerian root for anxiety yesterday evening. I took 225 mg twice. The last dose was at 9 PM. I also took my usual sleeping meds which is 50 mg of Trazodone. I don't think I slept more than 2.5 hours. And I had been sleeping good for a week or so now. The only thing I did... read more

Mixing valerian root with xanax?

hello ive been taking alprazolam since march 2012 i really want to quit this stuff, the dr i see isnt very helpfull :/ ive always took only 1/2 a pill .25mg at a time i did this 3 times a day for a long time the last few months ive tapered down more im down to breaking a .50mg pill into 4 pieces im... read more

My dr. told me that Valerian root would help me with my benzos withdarwls & not having my meds?

I was told to go to a pharamacy and ask for valerian root which Dr. Mattewson said it would help me about my xanax situation. I've been on xaxax for 20 yrs and that's the only meds that help me with my bipolar & epilisey and he aint helped me out any all in the way i know whats best... read more

Can zolpidem 5mg generic ambien be taken with 3 valerian root at the same time for sleep?

Is this bad or good has anyone taken or tried this together?

Relationship between statins and valerian root?

I wish to take a sleep aid supplement, Valerian Root, to help with my insomnia problems. I take simvistatin and have been told that taking this drug in conjunction with valerian root is not advisable. Is this true? Is it safe to mix the two? Thanks for your help.

How to wean yourself off Ambien? I've taken it since Jan of 2009 and want to try Benadryl?

with Ambien I sleep a good 5-6 hrs but need something else. If I wake up, I can't go back to sleep. I tried valerian root but it's not lasting. but it's a good relaxation herb and it's been documented in many studies so I'm keeping it but not taking it at night. I'm... read more

Can I take ambien with valerian root?

I took 2 valerian root pills but cannot sleep, can I take ambien while valerian root is in my system?

Is it safe to take valerian root if I am take Zoloft 25mg?

started to take Zoloft about two weeks ago and I was wondering if I can take valerian to calm anxiety.

S-Adenosylmethionine - Can Sam-E and valerian be mixed?

I'm leaving St. John's Wort because the sun is getting stronger and I'm too light sensitive. Instead I'll be going back to Sam-E, but I take Valerian Root at night to sleep. Can they be used on the same day?. Thanks.

What does valerian root come up on a urine test?

Can I take trazodone 50mg with 3 valerian root pills??? Anyone tried this before??? Is it safe an?

Anyone tried this before is it safe?

Does Valerian Root help with panic attacks?

I have IBS and Panic attacks that are often triggered by my pain. These attacks often leave me on the way to the ER or convinced I’m dying. My doctor did not prescribe me Xanax and wanted me to try a daily medicine but I want to try something else.

Viibryd and valerian root?

Can I safely take Viibryd 40mg with valerian root and l tryptophan? I have been taking trazodone for sleep but it is not working at all. I only feel dizzy and tired the next morning. I also take Hydrocodone for Rheumatoid Arthritis pain.

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