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Has anyone ever used valerian root for anxiety or pain? does it work or a waste of money?

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kaismama 12 Oct 2013

It can be calming. I've used it to calm my mind at bedtime.

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pickles503 14 Oct 2013

That's so cool, Kai. I'm gonna look that up and see if it will help build my pharmacy. I doubt it. I'm gonna have to get another upboard to hold all my meds. L, Anna

Sammysgrl 9 Mar 2017

I have suffered from migraines for years. Additionally, I have asthma. Both are aggravated by muscle tension usually after working excessive amounts of overtime at work. I took valerian for the first time at work because my doctor suddenly thinks everyone is a drug seeker and now refuses to write scripts for the pain meds I have previously used (maybe 3 times a year), and wanted me to oay hundreds of dollars for physical therapy that... I'm sorry... I just don't need. After just this one dose I have noticed enough relief that now I think my body can at least do the rest on its own. I was hesitant to take a full dose the first time (2 capsules) because I wanted to see how it would effect me. I think if I had taken the whole amount I'd see a complete relief of the pain. For now, at least, I think I am a believer.

pickles503 14 Oct 2013

Hi wrink!

Valerian is most commonly used for sleep disorders, especially the inability to sleep (insomnia). It is frequently combined with hops, lemon balm, or other herbs that also cause drowsiness. Some people who are trying to withdraw from the use of “sleeping pills” use valerian to help them sleep after they have tapered the dose of the sleeping pill. There is some scientific evidence that valerian works for sleep disorders, although not all studies are positive.

Valerian is also used for conditions connected to anxiety and psychological stress including nervous asthma, hysterical states, excitability, fear of illness (hypochondria), headaches, migraine, and stomach upset.

Some people use valerian for depression, mild tremors, epilepsy, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).


Valerian is used for muscle and joint pain. Some women use valerian for menstrual cramps and symptoms associated with menopause, including hot flashes and anxiety.

Sometimes, valerian is added to bath water to help with restlessness and sleep disorders.

In manufacturing, the extracts and oil made from valerian are used as flavoring in foods and beverages.

Valerian seems to act like a sedative on the brain and nervous system.

The cost at Walgreens is between four and ten dollars(if you buy two, you can get them for $10.99.) Check on prices from other places, also. They seem to all cost the same, but I didn't do a complete search.

Peace, hope and love, Anna

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BeYondRepair 14 Oct 2013

Hi, I am new to this site and when I saw this question I just had to chime in. I have found Valerian root helpful with sleep aids already on board. Slept like a baby!! However, used alone, it frankly did nothing for me.

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wrink 14 Oct 2013

Thank you I wanted to know if anyone used it and if it worked. I know what it is and used for I looked that up but was wondering if it really worked. Didn't want to waste my money if it wasn't going to do nothing.

BeYondRepair 14 Oct 2013

wrink - Sorry to disappoint, but, for pain and anxiety alone, I wouldn't waste my money. It does have a calming effect, but, that does not relieve my anxiety and certainly not my pain. But, as is said many times, different things work for different people. If your question was does it help with sleep, I think the responses would be more positive. But thats NOT your question, but it is your money. I don't know how expensive it is. If not bad, maybe you could try it along with your meds, if that is acceptable. Good luck!!

wrink 15 Oct 2013

Thank you for your honestly. Good luck to you.

laurelintarald 2 Mar 2015

I use Valerian to help with my Meralgia Parasthetica. I've had this for over a decade after a partial dislocation of my hip joint, which was never treated (I have only recently been diagnosed).
Having taken the Valerian I no longer suffer from the burning pain, and although it is not entirely gone, I have far more sensation in my leg than I've had for a decade.

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Bangerdog 5 Sep 2017

I have Sensory Axonal Peripheral Neuropathy .. the sensory nerves in my hands, arms, feet and legs have died, although they are not totally numb feels as if I am wearing socks or gloves. I have the most horrendous burning pain in my legs and hands at night and sleep is nigh impossible.
I have tried Valerian tablets .. just one each night stops my pain in its tracks! I still kind of feel the heat (best as I can describe) but I can now sleep through it.
But I do worry about the effects on my kidneys (stage 3 kidney disease) and my liver.
But they really do work for me.

samsungtb2 16 May 2015

I have suffered from performance anxiety for years. So embarrassing. I would sweat, trimble, etc. Valerian root is my secret weapon. My brain sees certain situations as dangerous when it is not. As a result, I get an adrenaline dump and my fight or flight response kicks in. I make a small cup of camomile tea and add around 600 to 700 mg of valerian root (liquid form) before I enter an environment that I know triggers my problem. Works for hours. There is a sort of calmness that takes over and I feel totally at peace. I remember my first time using it. I purposely entered into an environment that normally triggers my attacks. I was so amazed and enjoyed myself so much. I spent years avoiding certain social situations that I now can enjoy. FYI I only take Valerian when I need it. It's not an everyday routine for me. I'm not sure if everyday use is safe or if the user will develop an immunity after long term use. Hope this helps.

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lawrence12 8 Sep 2015

Could you tell me what brand you used? I pretty much suffer the type of anxiety you described, something that is hard to deal with during-especially when speaking in front of a class comes around. I've tried L-Theanine but am contemplating a switch. The only thing I'm worried about is taking it before going out and end up being mostly drowsy rather than simply calm.

Beckypa 21 Oct 2015

What brand did you use? I need something for my anxiety really bad :(

kristi55057 18 Aug 2016

Where do you buy the liquid for and what is brand name, please?

Beckypa 21 Oct 2015

I didn't but I'm also trying to find out is it helping. I heard some positive things about it so hopefully it'll help. Did you tried it already?

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Lemmonsgirl 5 Aug 2016

I love Valerian root for stress. It's a subtle feeling of calm. It you are thinking that you want something that's going to make you feel nothing, this is not it. You may not even notice the effects until after a stressful day when you realize that the Valerian really worked, because your anxiety level was not high. I take themy in pill form when I know I have a stressful situation happening. I just take one 450mg in the morning. I've had different brands they all work the same. My husband says they smell like sweat socks, lol! He's right the do, but after I take them, I don't repeat on me, so I don't keep tasting them later. I've heard the valerian shrub smells too. Valerian has been used for centuries to help people sleep. I've also used for sleep. Work well. Like I said calming effect. I take 3 to 5 if i need it to sleep. Bottle says 5. My mom takes them every night for sleep after dad passed too.


Hope that helps! I'm wondering how long the effects last because I have a stressful day coming and I didn't know if I should bring some with me?

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dcraig26 25 Oct 2016

I've used this for my anxiety after being taken off valium. I take 4 pills 530mg three times a day abd it's been very beneficial it calms me really well and though it doesn't really make me sleepy just very calm and I'm able to to carry on in life thanks to it. Give it a try everyone's body is different but give it a few weeks or even a month for it to work if your taking it regularly like I am.

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quincyrick 28 Nov 2018

dcraig... i have the same problem - i have used before but ... but took capsules and on my new bottle it can be made into a tea or added to your caffeine free tee for a relaxing smooth over the edges ... so today i am trying in in my tea - hope it works for me

ZoeBruceOona 11 Jan 2017

I use valerian, up to four pills, to calm me down at end of day and to help me sleep. Benadryl knocks me out, too. As for pain, I read that valerian is a mild anti-inflammatory and diuretic, so probably will not work on severe pain, but if you have headache, muscle tension/lactic acid build up due to anxiety it may help.

For me, valerian in combination with prozac 20 mg has worked wonders on my chronic moderate pain and anxiety/anhedonia (lack of ability to feel pleasure due to depression). Valerian alone was good for easing me into sleep, and calming me down "a bit" but it's not like a Xanax or Klonopin or anything that makes you super irritated when it wears off (rebound effect.)

So for stress and pain, I prefer aspirin, SSRIs, an herb like valerian or camomile, exercise, acceptance, and massage when I can get one :)

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Inactive 12 Jan 2017

What dosage of valerian, how many mgs? I am not familiar with this supplement?

GrumpyKat8172 6 Feb 2017

I honestly never thought herbal stuff could work for managing my severe anxiety, but believe it or not, Valerian root is worth a try. It comes in a variety of "sleep inducing" products in the vitamin section of your grocery store. I've been going through horrible benzo withdrawals, and didn't have any of my regular meds to take, so I tried a product called "Relax and Sleep". It's got Valerian root in it, along with melatonin and Chamomile. It actually did more than I thought it would do, and within a relatively short time period. (About a half an hour). So, yes, it is definitely worth a try, especially if you're trying to get away from man-made anxiety medication.


(If you're on such meds as Ativan, Xanax, Klnopin, Valium, NOW, do NOT stop taking it without notifying your doctor and setting up a taper plan, or you WILL be VERY sick... don't combine it with herbal stuff, either. Try to use the Valerian as perhaps a substitute for a dose of what you normally take, see if it has the same or similar effect. However, don't combine the two together... _) I honestly thought I was going to be incredibly sick while withdrawing from Klonopin, but the Valarian root has made it far more tolerable. Give it a try.

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Caroldumond 31 Mar 2017

Yes! It treats both anxiety and insomnia for me. I have used it for years and praise it highly. I recently had a panic attack and took two capsules and it worked so well. I have anxiety at times when going to certain events and become very anxious and a b**ch and when I notice this I take the valerian and become human again. I love ❤️ it.

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Crystalize78 27 Sep 2019

What dosage do you take for calming effect? Brand?

Susan Fitzgerald 17 May 2017

Yes, I have used it for all reasons asked. It did not work.

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jmjeff 16 Jun 2017

I suffer from depression and anxiety. I also get vague body aches deep in my muscles and joints. I just took a dose of valerian root capsules (3) and made a cup of turmeric ginger tea. I do feel better and VERY relaxed. The turmeric in the tea is supposedly good for pain. This combination seems to be effective for soothing anxiety and pain for me.

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Mspatriot 10 Mar 2018

It works a little to help with stress, or at least with myself it did but its nothing compared to. Like taking a benzodiazepine so if I were you I wouldn't be expecting to completely stop having anxiety after taking.

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Dannyflavio 10 Mar 2018

Sorry it never worked for me

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