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How does Trulance work?

Trulance - How long before it works, generally?

Trulance - How long does it take to have a bowel movement after taking first dose?

Will it work within hours? On the same day?

When should I take Trulance?

Do you find that there is a better time of day to take Trulance? Like morning, afternoon, or evening? I just got mine and haven't tried it yet. Thanks.

Does the combination of my medicines have any bad side effects?

I take Xyrem, modafinil, methylphenidate, Claritin D, Singular, pantoprazole, spironolactone, Lyrica, Cymbalta, sumatriptan as needed, Zofran as needed, Trulance, diclofenac, and Emgality injection. Would taking any of these together give me side effects? I’m trying to figure out if some of... read more

Trulance versus Linzess?

Hi, I am wondering if someone could help me with making a decision between Trulance and Linzess. Just for some background, I have had over three abdominal surgeries where parts of my large and small bowel has been removed. Since then I have not had a "normal" bowel movement. My intestines... read more

Trulance experience reviews please.

Can you please share your experience with Trulance and side effects? I think it is the cause of my excessive bloating and horrible gas. I cant be sure because when I dont take it I still have gas so bad that I want to go to the ER. Any comments on Trulance would be helpful. Thank you.

I have chronic constinpation. I started taking Trulance 3 days ago, is not working I can’t go?

I can’t go to the bathroom, with Trulance, usually I use to take high doses of laxative pills every day. My Dr prescribed Trulance is not working, can I take higher dose?

What time to take Trulance?

My gastroenterologist PA said take before breakfast. Why would that make a difference? If I’m traveling early, that might not work for me if it produces a bowel movement soon after taking it. Can it be taken at dinner or before bed or would that get me up in the middle of the night? I have... read more

Trulance - How long does it take to work?

After reading the reviews I’m petrified to start Trulance. I’ve had IBS since I was little.

They used to call it spastic colon. The reason I’m reluctant to try this medication, is because I already battle with migraines & weight gain. Unfortunately it sounds like something that might do more harm than good.

Is depression a side effect of Trulance?

Does anyone know if Trulance causes depression and panic attacks.? I have been taking the 3mg. every morning after breakfast for months now and I have developed terrible depression and panic attacks which awaken me from my sleep. I take the 3mg for chronic constipation and IBS. It does not seem to... read more

Does diarrhea go away after being on Trulance a while?

I am 50 year old and have had chronic constipation since childhood. My GI doc just put me on Trulance this past Wednesday. I love that I am going so much, but I do hope it settles down a bit. I am thinking of taking 1/2 a tab instead of a whole one. Diarrhea mixed with normal.

Does Trulance cause weight gain?

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