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Trulance - How long before it works, generally?

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Angela_C 6 Sep 2021

I think it works differently for every patient but in my case it worked right away. My first dose I took at night before bed and by morning I had a good, solid BM. Second dose I took at night before bed and in the morning had a good BM followed by a second (really good) solid BM. It's been working really great for me! No water bursts or diarrhea yet.

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Lilsue 30 Oct 2017

Took 9 days to work. After that, constipation again, so bad i had blockage(what fun).
Been on it for 6 weeks and its a waste of money..

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345 2 July 2017

I've been taking it for three weeks. Worked from day one but only experiencing watery stool. Nothing solid. Does not feel natural.For me, takes about an hour to kick in. I usually eat an hour after taking and then running to the bathroom for about 3 hours (10-15 small, quick bursts) The positive is that I actually go to the bathroom and the "constipation bloating and discomfort" dissipates a bit. Negatives are feeling completely drained and dehydrated after the pill does its work. It doesn't seem like a healthy long term solution. Can't really be benefiting from your healthy meal if you're expelling immediately. I have no choice though..laxatives long term create even more problems. Also, must take pill and eat in the privacy of my home because of the embarrassing way the pill works. It's a messy release.

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