Hi, I am wondering if someone could help me with making a decision between Trulance and Linzess. Just for some background, I have had over three abdominal surgeries where parts of my large and small bowel has been removed. Since then I have not had a "normal" bowel movement. My intestines are so dilated that they are pushing out my ribs, and pushing up on my diaphragm because there is not enough room in my abdominal cavity for them to fit. Because of all the dilation, my stomach is so little I can hardly eat. I am currently on TPN, because I can only eat small snack foods, or soup. Most of it gets regurgitated up, but some stuff makes it way into my intestines. Here's my dilemma, I am currently taking Linzess 290mcg 1x a day, which does not do much to help me have a bowel movement. I know it must do a little something, because I can tell if I don't take it. In addition to that, I must take 4 tbsp of Milk of Magnesia 3x a day just to produce anything.
In this type of situation, do you think that Trulance would work better than Linzess, in helping produce bowel movements? And if so, so much better that I could stopping taking Milk of Magnesia? The only reason I ask is I cannot get more constipated than I already am. To give you an idea, when I had testing done, and had to drink the white milky contrast, it was still stuck in my intestines a month later.

So sorry for TMI, but I want to know what you guys think. Thanks so much.