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Restless Legs Syndrome Questions

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What's the alternative drug for tramadol?

Posted 4 Jan 2013 by Salimbinali 6 answers

Can anyone help me out I'm really suffering coz tramadol has been banned in my country and I'm in deep body pain and can't sleep

Can I mix xanax and clonazepam?

Posted 1 Mar 2011 by loricass 7 answers

Does anyone know when Lyrica [pregabalin] will be available as a generic drug?

Posted 15 Sep 2012 by babycakes677 4 answers

Iam asking about a lower cost at pharmacies. I am on a high dosage and cannot afford to get my whole RX so I ration it , save it for a day when I need to be active.

I'm addicted to tramadol I take 600mg. A day does anyone know the best way to deal and cope with all

Posted 16 Jun 2011 by mrs. so over it 7 answers

... these side effects??? From restlessness to depression not sleeping nausea feeling spaced out no sleep at all etc.. the list goes on. Please help I have been taking tramadol for 6mon. Now and can tell I'm defiantly addicted to them now that Im trying to stop cold turkey I'm going crazy ...

Gabapentin & Tramadol - feeling dizzy, foggy, blurred vision , are these side effects?

Posted 25 Jun 2013 by ColoradoLass 3 answers

I am currently taking 300 mg gabapentin in am and pm. I also take one 50 mg tramadol. Both at the same time. I am experiencing excessive dizziness, fogginess, often blurred vision. Is this combination responsible? Is there a better drug to use without these side effects?

Gabapentin - does everyone taking this medicine gain weight?

Posted 29 Dec 2012 by franky65 12 answers

I just started taking this medicine gabapentin. For pain in my neck. I hope I don't gain weight. Thank you

Can Tramadol cause feelings of anger?

Posted 10 Mar 2015 by SkeeterElf 3 answers

I have only been on Tramadol for a week now and today I experienced a sense of anger all day long. I am becoming very defensive and striking out at friends and family. I have Parkinson's Disease and am taking Tramadol for severe pain in my left leg. What is causing this feeling of anger all of ...

For chronic pain is it better to use tramadol or Tylenol#4?

Posted 25 Sep 2017 by crprovince 5 answers

For treating back pain and upper leg pain, General all over body pain due to fibromyalgia including chronic headaches

How is one able to come off bupropion XL 150mg?

Posted 8 days ago by mollyandmacy 924 2 answers

I feel that possibility that this is the Rx causing so many side effects. Dry mouth, spinning thoughts, restless legs, insomnia

Is tramadol being pulled from the market or declared illegal in the U.S.?

Posted 23 Nov 2017 by Havelock9 2 answers

Multiple sources in the local medical community have stated that tramadol in a matter of weeks will no longer be available in any fashion. Specific details appear to be lacking, however. Have you any pertinent information? Thank you.

I started Mirapex about a week ago. 1st night I slept so well about the 3rd night I woke up with?

Posted 17 days ago by FrancieMac 1 answer

I started Mirapex about a week ago for restless leg syndrome. That is what my doctor thought my pain in the back of my knee was? The first night I slept so well, however about the 3rd night I woke up with severe pain in my upper thigh. Pain is increasing I need help getting out of bed and in and ...

Has anyone felt any relief from restless leg syndrome with taking L-Theanine?

Posted 8 Nov 2017 by Tulip1985 1 answer

I suffer from terrible RLS and have tried multiple different meds and supplements. A friend recomended L-Theanine has this worked for anyone else?

Restlesss Leg Syndrome for 7 Years?

Posted 4 Nov 2017 by jtrumble2 1 answer

I have been diagnosed with Restless Leg, for seven years now. I got it after I had an allergic reaction to a medicine but I also developed anxiety and depression from it. One neurologist thinks my anxiety and panic attacks caused it when others thing the reaction to the medicine. I have tried many ...

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