... my psychiatrist gave me clonazepam for restless leg syndrome over 7 years ago and when I was able to speak with a neurologist from the VA Sleep Study clinic, she realized that I should have been given something else since restless arms was the issue more than with my legs. So, she wrote a prescription for Ropinrole then passed along the prescription to be handled by my psychiatrist. I began showing weird symptoms and call my psych doc about it and she waved it off like I was worrying about nothing. She said to stop talking it for a week to see if I noticed a changed, after I had taken it for two months increasing the dose each month from .25 to .50mg. I looked the drug up on this website and my symptoms were listed under severe allergic reactions. I stopped taking that medication completely and after a month, my symptoms totally disappeared. Does anyone else have restless arm syndrome and have a different medication I can ask about?