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Should I come off duloxetine/Cymbalta after 3 months after continued side effects? I am in the UK.

My doctor knows nothing about anti-depressants, the mental health service have refused help, and I cannot afford private help. I am trying to work this out myself, which is far from ideal, but I don't have a choice. I was on citalopram for 13 years (10 of which unnecessary as I had... read more

Any recommendations for pain management and mental health management with sciatica?

Mainly in my right leg but also in my left occasionaly. I have tried physiotherapy, a number of medications (amatriptilyne, naproxen) , I had a steroid injection in my lower spine and I am now trying acupuncture. I try my best to live with sciatica but there never seems to be noticeable... read more

My question is about a ketamine consultation?

My question is about a ketamine consultation? I recently had a consultation for ketamine treatment. I guess I was expecting a lot more questions about my mental health. It lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. I was asked about current medication’s, allergies, a brief mental health history of my... read more

Panic attacks and persistent anxiety (possibly from ibuprofen) and change of location for 2 weeks?

Before leaving university to go home I took some unprescribed ritalin to help with a load of studies on the last day (very dumb idea that I will definitely not have again; I am absolutely aware of how stupid it was). Since I got home, about 4 days after taking the ritalin, I have a very bad cold... read more

I have a question about coming off of Vraylar?

I recently lost my insurance and my mental health provider suddenly closed its doors. I was able to get my PCP to send in my medications. My Vraylar is $1300. I’m planning to come off of it for that reason. What is the best way to come off with the least amount of side effects? Thank you.

Can long term use of duloxetine make you hear voices?

Ive been on duloxetine ( 60mg a day ) and also pregabalin ( 600mg a day ) for over 10 yrs and for the last year (at least) have been hearing voices. I have had a mental health assessment and have not been diagnosed with any mental illness other than depression. Still waiting for counselling... read more

Zyprexa - Does olanzapine get better with time ?

My mother takes olanzapine, at first it worked really great and got her to a stable mental health after a few episodes. When trying to taper down the dose, she had suffered insomnia so we had to go back to her original dose. But since coming back, she had been very sad and confused, and most likely... read more

I am currently on Effexor XR 112.5 mg?

I have been on Effexor for approximately 4 years, starting at 37.5 mg. When I consulted my mental health practitioner as to discontinuing Effexor after about 1 year , she replied " Why stop if it's helping you?" So I continued because I had good results . Now at 4 years in I want to... read more

Doctor transitioning concerns medication?

So my case got closed at the agency I was receiving mental health treatment both therapy and medication. Now I'm changing doctors and theirs no guarantee the new doctor will prescribe one of my medications adderall. How can I make I this a smooth transition & not worry? Cause I have been... read more

Vraylar - medication that has a good rating?

I just want to know what mental health medication has the highest rating for its effectiveness?

Why did my mental health provider want me to stop taking Klonopin before joining her...

... practice? Klonopin was working well for me for 10 years, no signs of addiction and dependance. She knows this but she is in a different office now and they frown on Benzos. Should i believe her? Do i let her take away something that has done me a world of good?

How long does it take for clonazepam to fully restore to your system?

I had been prescribed clonazepam for 20 years and I recently changed to a new mental health nurse who wanted to switch me to Xanax XR. I read articles and was reassured by her that I would have no withdrawals because it's extended release. I switched 9 days ago and on the 5th day I felt... read more

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