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Is fluoxetine working for me or not?

Posted 16 days ago by CharChar100 1 answer

I’ve been prescribed fluoxetine by my mental health doctor. I’m completed the 2 week dose and I’m now on the same ones again but for 14 days this time. Since those 2 weeks past my anxiety has been a lot higher with tight chest being unable to control my anxiety when I’m in ...

I’ve been using doxycycline for around 5 months now to clear up my acne and recently I have...

Posted 15 Mar 2018 by Rinnyroos 2 answers

... noticed I have became a lot more anxious, easily upset and also having thoughts about certain things no teenager should have. I have never had any mental health problems in the past and I am extremely unsure to whether this is because of the doxycycline I’m taking but I would like to see ...

How long will it take for the full effects of risperidone to start?

Posted 15 Feb 2018 by Mel95 1 answer

My boyfriend was diagnosed with drug induce schizophrenia 2 years ago and was admitted to a mental health facility where he stayed for 2 months. When he was discharged he was given medications that he was suppose to take everyday (risperidone and Valium). He stopped taking the medication after 2 ...

I am asking if anyone has been able to get the actual Zoloft brand and not the generic version?

Posted 30 Mar 2018 by MelissaMay 10000 2 answers

I am having such a hard time dealing with the generic version and I’m am in fear of back sliding my mental health.

Anxiety - Happy Easter! It took me many years to appreciate the symbolism of the day. Spring and?

Posted 1 Apr 2018 by djchurn 0 answers

... a time for birth and re-birth. While I am not particularly religious I am spiritual and have hope and faith that things will be better if I try. I posted this win other Mental Health sites and felt in necessary to share here. I have resolve that everyone here can improve over the mental that ...

A complex case - advice on medication and hormones?

Posted 15 Mar 2018 by Jmachin2 1 answer

Searching for help here. I have taken escitalopram 20my for approx 9 years with a break of 9 months for my pregnancy. During that pregnancy I got very I'll and was under the mental health crisis team . Scariest time of my life. That was pushing 7 years ago now. After the birth of my son I was ...

Diabetes, Type 2 - Diabetes Type 2 and Depression/Anxiety Don't know why it never occurred to to?

Posted 14 Mar 2018 by djchurn 0 answers

... join this group. I have been a member of mental health groups here for a number of years and promote this site to others due to the comprehensive information available. I asked my GP to give an opinion of if high glucose levels are associated with high anxiety/depression. My read from him was ...

Pregabalin - Citalopram to this a better choice for GAD?

Posted 9 Feb 2018 by Naomit1111 2 answers

Hi I have been on citalopram since 2015 after having a huge anxiety attack and mental health became quite bad. Over last two years it's been increased to 40mg with a defo improvement in mood but not really stopping the anxiety, panic or intrusive thoughts. My GP has now suggested a switch to ...

How do you get help for 39 yr old man who refuses to go to the doctor?

Posted 13 Oct 2017 by LaylaKay63 1 answer

How do you get help for 39 yr old man who refuses to go to the Dr.? His problem has always been ignored by his parents. He was is special ed. He can't hold a job, he lies all the time, go into rages if he doesn't get his way. His mother puts money on a money card for groceries (he lives ...

Has anyone ever forgotten to take Epclusa?

Posted 20 Oct 2017 by Raiser 0 answers

I have been on Epclusa for two months and recently My mental health has not been the best and I have forgotten to take my Epclusa for three days. Now I'm scared the treatment won't work properly. Has anyone forgot to take their epclusa but still been cured.

How soon can you see the side effects of Abilify?

Posted 21 Jul 2017 by artistjules 2 answers

I know it takes up to 4 weeks for Abilify to start working but how long does it take for the initial side effects to start? Is it every time you take the pill or do the side effects start after 4 weeks? I'm currently on 2mg of the generic brand. I'm also on buproprion XL 150mg and ...

How will Latuda help me with depression if it blocks the happy receptors?

Posted 24 May 2017 by Gemini6 5 answers

Hi! I don't know much about mental health other than my own research. I've been on a medication circus ride for a couple years with little improvement. I suffer from depression, anxiety, ADD, 3 kids (lol) 0 motivation, 0 self confidence, racing thoughts, mood swings, irritability. I have ...

I want to get pregnant, are the meds I take pregnancy-safe? If not, what are the risks?

Posted 3 Sep 2017 by Caitlin13579 0 answers

And what are the alternative meds or natural alternatives I can take instead? Also, I have serious mental health issues, so I can't go completely off my meds. I am currently on the following meds: 1) Aripiprazole (Abilify): Treatment for Schizophrenia. 1 intramuscular injection every 3 weeks. ...

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