My doctor knows nothing about anti-depressants, the mental health service have refused help, and I cannot afford private help. I am trying to work this out myself, which is far from ideal, but I don't have a choice.

I was on citalopram for 13 years (10 of which unnecessary as I had recovered), but had relapse after stopping abruptly on doctors advice. It's now been a year and I was put on duloxetine 12 weeks ago. I was OK for about 4 weeks, but then I started getting dizzy, fatigue, confusion and agitation. This happened at week 5, 7, 10 and again in week 12. I have also had diarrhea every morning for 3 weeks. I know these are all common side effects.

10 days ago I was tired of chronic diarrhea, so reduced dose from 60mg to 30mg. Yesterday it all kicked in again. Could hardly get out of bed - still in bed now and been suicidal. The only thing that has triggered my anxiety and depression since taking the duloxetine has been these spells of side effects. They last 2-3 days, then I suffer anxiety or depression (or both) for a further 3-4 days.

Today has by far been the worst - quite likely due to the withdrawal catching up, but should I go back to 60mg and reduce slower, or stick with it? I just don't know, and I have no-one to help. Please... anyone... some help. I would be so grateful.

I should also add that I have been tapering Citalopram, but still on it as I don't know what is causing the side effects. Below is what I have covered thus far;

Week 1 20mg Cit / 30mg Dulox
Weeks 2-3 10mg / 60mg
Weeks 4-5 5mg / 60mg
Weeks 6-11 10mg / 60mg
Weeks 12 10mg / 30mg

Thank you all so much