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What are the pro's and con's to prozac vs. zoloft for teen girls with family mental health issues?

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LaurieShay 6 Dec 2013

Both are antidepressants of the serotonin reuptake inhibitor category. Prozac has been on the market much longer than Zoloft though not that this makes it any better. It really is a matter of trial and error to see which one helps the individual as we are all different.

msmomma1 6 Dec 2013

well I myself have taken both and had a lot of bad side effects on the zoloft ie. shakes, restless feeling, sick to my stomach and have heard that it can cause infertility. The prozac had some of the same things but they all subsided within a few days and from what I have read these things do not in the zoloft. My concern is is that my daughter has just recently been hospitalized for mental issues and the Dr and I orriginally agreed that the prozac would be a better fit for what she is dealing with, I then discovered they have switched her to the zoloft and I am not likeing this decision.I do understand that we all are different and it will effect her different than me but most of the family that has this type of history were also given prozac and it worked so in that sence I am wanting to go the route I know.

DzooBaby 6 Dec 2013

Is she getting counselling? I'm with you on the opinion that drugs should be sparingly used and only when absolutely necessary. I prefer the counselling route. If a person learns the ability to cope with their feelings, it is much better than drugging them. All anti-depressants do have side effects. The impairment in fertility with Zoloft has not been noted in humans, only in rats at 4 times the normal dosage so I wouldnt be too concerned on that front.

DzooBaby 6 Dec 2013

Most antidepressants have a black box warning against suicide in adolescents and young adults. No matter which drug you decide, keep a close eye for signs of increasing depression. I lost two cousins, one on each side of the family so I am very outspoken about suicide prevention and I take possible suicide very seriously. I was very depressed in my early 20's (I was even hospitalized at one point) and Prozac was a drug I tried and I was never, ever suicidal the whole time I was depressed except during the time I was on Prozac. (My son was tried on Zoloft when he was very young and it made him almost wildly manic. He even tried to climb onto my brothers 2 story roof from the second story balcony of their house! He was out of control wild and couldnt settle down! I immediately took him off the Zoloft and he went back to normal. It was quite scary.) It doesnt happen to everyone but it is something you should be aware of.

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DzooBaby 6 Dec 2013

As an aside, I mentioned the death of my two cousins. They were not related to antidepressant therapy but interestingly enough, they were both on Accutane at the time, which was later discovered to increase suicidal ideation as well. They both fell into depression and the signs were there but they werent really noticed until after the fact. Both were 17 y/o, and just about ready to graduate High School. One was an athlete, football player, wrestling champ-had gone to the State meet that year and had done well. He started Accutane for his acne and went into a deep depression after relationships with two different girls broke up. He had talked to many of the adults in our family about his depression but was never sent for professional help. He took his own life in his parents basement-pieced together a handgun that was taken apart for a younger brothers safety, and shot himself in the chest and was found by his parents.

fayfaith 23 Jan 2014

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I believe sincerely that sharing this here on DC will help so many people & possibly save a life or many lives. God bless U and your families & God bless the woman + daughter you're sharing this with right now. Fay

Beverleya 6 Dec 2013

I have been on both Prozac and Zoloft.
The Zolf did nothing for me other than create terrible shakiness. Prozac did wonders.
Good luck and I wish you the best.

Hal2323 16 Mar 2017

I have been on both zolft and prozac. Zolft made me VERY mean and angry. Prozac worked very well for me. free discount card

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