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Is there a good alternative to Linzess?

Posted 1 Jul 2013 by Karangahan 12 answers

Hello everyone. I have been prescribed by my doctor with Linzess. I have chronic GI disorders abdominal, pain, feeling bloated (severely uncomfortable). I started yesterday but when I woke up this morning, I had this pain, distention in my whole abdomen that extended to both sides. I took 3 aspirin ...

Watson 3203, white with no red specks?

Posted 21 Jun 2014 by Brooder99 2 answers

I was given a prescription of Watson 3203, that are white with no red specks There is a line on the other side. On the front, it has :Watson at the top, 3203 at the bottom. is this a 7.5/325mg Vicodin? Thank you.

Linzess - How long before it starts working?

Posted 30 Aug 2013 by Ksee2000 9 answers

I've had chronic constipation for 30 yrs nothing works. I'm currently on day 13 with no bowel movement and day 3 of linzess 145, all I've had is a little bit of gas nothing else. How long should I give before I bump it up to the higher dose?

For those of you who take linzess at night, what time do you take it and how long before it works?

Posted 18 May 2014 by jj505 5 answers

I take it in the morning but can't really go anywhere before 9am when I take it at 6-7a, I just wondered what happens if you take it at night, does it keep you up all night? Love the drug, you all are right it is so much better than constipation but sometimes it overworks but if I skip it, I ...

Does Linzess make you drowsy?

Posted 9 Mar 2013 by picadilly 13 answers

I feel tired all the time since I have been taking linzess... about 10 days.

30mg oxycodone " V 4812"?

Posted 27 Sep 2018 by Medic_1 3 answers

Can anyone tell me if they changed the imprint on the 30mg oxycodone pill, the blue V 48/12?? I just got new ones, and the line between the 48 & 12 is a lot deeper and wider.

From Teva to Mylan brand clonazepam?

Posted 2 days ago by TwitchMasterFlex 0 answers

I have been on these for about ten years. I usually get Teva brand. There have been a few times they were different but I do not know what manufacturer. They would always be flat with a line in the middle. I went to refill script and the woman began to tell me the entire city was out of my ...

Suprep - Can I start the prep eariler?

Posted 19 Aug 2016 by meechykleen 1 answer

My appt is at 830am. Office told me to start the first dose at 5pm the day before and the second at 3am. Do I have to follow this time line, or can I start everything earlier so I can get in more sleep the night before. Figuring I won't be eating or drinking much after everything is out of the ...

How long should I give Linzess a chance to work before stopping it?

Posted 15 Jan 2016 by jmiguel 3 answers

My doctor prescribed 145 mg Linzess over a month ago. The first week, it seemed to completely empty by bowels on the 2nd day but after that I am lucky if it works one day a week. I also take a fiber supplement, drink a lot of water, exercise daily and run 10 miles on the weekend. I am experiencing ...

I have a broken tooth and it is impacted (meaning it is even with the gum line)?

Posted 11 Oct 2015 by oh_the_pain 4 answers

I broke a tooth and it is impacted. Well now it is infected and I am in absolute severe pain. I have been to the doctors twice and they have me on 800mg ibuprofen, amoxaciline and norco. Nothing is working. These pain medications are not even touching the pain. I have done every know home remedy I ...

Is it OK to drink coffee in the morning immediately after taking the Linzess?

Posted 30 Nov 2015 by sbarradas 2 answers

I have chronic constipation due to extra twists and turns in my bowels. I was proscribed this med 3 weeks ago but it hasn't worked. I know I'm not supposed to eat for an hour but I've been drinking coffee with it. Is that preventing it from working?

Is anyone taking Linzess 290 twice daily??

Posted 19 Nov 2015 by rustycat2 3 answers

I've been reading everyone's experience with Linzess but have not read of anyone needing to take it 2 x day. Lucky for you :-) Long story short, colon resection for sigmoid diverticulitis, followed by IBS-C. After several failed medications I started out taking Linzess 145 once daily, ...

Anbesol - Can I use Anbesol if it expired in 2013 and how effective will it be?

Posted 25 Mar 2018 by Inpain515 1 answer

Have excruciating pain on back tooth. Between the two teeth on the gum line there is a discoloration (brown) and the tooth pain makes entire mouth hurt on that side top and bottom. Can expired 2013 Anbesol help

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