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Linzess - will you lose weight?

3 Answers

stcyrbl53 2 Dec 2018

I lost five pounds without even trying. My husband joked saying, “So I guess we could safely say you were full of @#*. Haha.
I thought it was so cool to lose weight without effort. I bought myself smaller jeans. The weight stayed off for several months but has suddenly come roaring back. I don’t know if that’s the Linzess or something I’m eating. I’m going to alter my diet.

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Annmarie49 29 May 2015

If anything I felt more bloated and did not feel like I lost weight at all. The doctor's scale showed no change. It hasn't worked well for me either even with the highest dosage of Linzess plus stool softeners (no stimulants added).

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coloresue 29 May 2015

Linzess only worked for me for 4 days. I never lost more than 1-2 lbs. which I assume was stool weight. No long term weight loss, even with the fiber powder I now use daily. It's not meant to be a weight loss product.

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