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Can you drink alcohol while taking Invega Sustenna?

How do you give an Invega Sustenna injection?

Invega Sustenna vs Invega Trinza vs Invega Hafyera. What's the difference?

How to transition to Invega Trinza from Invega Sustenna ?

How to transition to Invega Hayfera from Invega Trinza or Invega Sustenna?

Does anyone else experience emotional numbness from medication invega/paliperidone???

I've been recently prescribed the medication Invega which is an antipsychotic that helps with my psychosis/schizophrenia. I have been on this medication for the 2nd time for 3 weeks..I am also on a antidepressant medication Effexor 225mg which has helped emencly with my depression and anxiety.... read more

Tardive Dyskinesia - Can lorazepam and benadryl make TD worse?

Can TD caused by Invega get worse if lorazepam and benadryl are taken after withdrawal from invega ?

Does the weight gain come off after stopping Invega Sustenna?

I was on Invega for 6 months, and have since stopped. My hallucinations were drug induced mainly, and now it seems i can function fine without it. Wondering if the weight gained comes off after stopping Invega, and if so, how long does it take? thanks in advance

Does switching from Invega or discontinuing it help with weight lost?

I was on Invega for 5 months, in those 5 months I gained 35 pounds which has effected the quality of life. I was thinking how much I rather be dead, would cry everyday, it invaded my thoughts all day. I really want to try ability again but my doctor said it didn't work after trying it for a... read more

How long until I lose the weight caused by Zyprexa and will my Invega interfere with my weight loss?

I’ve been on Zyprexa for several months and I’m slowly being weaned off of it with my health care professional. I take my last dosage on Wednesday. How long until I lose the weight and will my Invega interfere with weight loss?

I took phentermine, Invega and drunk alcohol?

I am having very bad heart pains and very bad pains everywhere. When should the effects of this medication subside?

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