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What would be an effictive medication for helping to control anger?

Posted 29 Jul 2010 by samz_northman 5 answers

ANGER ISSUES. has tried geodon, lamictal, and seraquel.

Pregnancy and bad anxiety? is there anything safe to take to get rid of anxiety?

Posted 16 Feb 2011 by Wendy.hamilton1977 7 answers

I have severe anxiety disorder and am looking for something safe to take. My doctor gave me amatryptaline to take in replacement of xanax... I was ona high does of xanax and geodon. They took me off both and now I am having bad anxiety. I am not pregnant yet... I wanted to get all the bad chemicals ...

Bipolar Disorder - Please help!! I was on seroquel for 15 months for bipolar; I stopped this and?

Posted 6 Jan 2010 by WOOKNOO 10 answers

... have been on Geodon for my bipolar for 3 months (since October/09) I thought something must have happened to my metabolism due to drug as I gained 70 lbs. I am also on Levothyroxine for my thyroid even tho my tests indicate levels are normal; I was weighed today at over 200 lbs; 24 lbs heavier ...

Does Lamictal make you sleepy like Geodon?

Posted 15 Nov 2010 by Kim P 6 answers

Lamictal sounds like a great medication for bipolar. I was just diagnoised 3 wks ago?I have heard so many good things about Lamictal. Did anyone try Geodon before trying Lamictal? I was so sleepy all the time with the Geodon. Does Lamictal have the same side effects?

Geodon - When do the sleepiness side effects wear off?

Posted 2 Jan 2011 by jackstar 6 answers

I am extremely tired and sleep a lot and I just started this medication 2 days ago. When will that wear off?

Does saphris help you to fall asleep, if taken at night?

Posted 19 Jul 2012 by Morton87 5 answers

I suffer from chronic insomnia, if've tried geodon, which helps. But i feel like a zombie on that medication. I tried invega, after awhile it stopped working, tried abilfy,trazadone, it doesn't work. So can it put me to sleep, and help some of my symptons.Can anyone recommend any ...

Long Term Effects of Geodon?

Posted 4 Mar 2010 by Mkerry 6 answers

Has anyone had long term side effects of Geodon. I have been of of the medicine for 5 weeks. I have had slurred speech for six months (assumed it was the Geodon). The slurred speech is still present. I also have a crokked smile and had one hand tremor. My neurologist blames the Geodon for the ...

What is the best "meal" to have with geodon?

Posted 15 Jul 2010 by kogh 6 answers

How to get off geodon without having a physcological break down?

Posted 28 Jan 2012 by tenacefemme 5 answers

I've been taking geodon for about a year and a half. It has put me through hell. I have terrible anxiety. I can't smile. My passion of music and writing is gone. I feel nothing. Sometimes id rather die then to live this way. I'm on 80 mg. My doctor has tried to taper me off but I ...

Latuda - Is this withdrawal or depression?

Posted 2 Dec 2014 2 answers

I face depression and anxiety. My psych prescribed Latuda and had me taper down Geodon. I been taking Latuda 40 mg ever since. But as I was tapering Geodon, faced some mood changes. So I increased Latuda to 45. But when I completely stopped Geodon, I felt psychomotor retardation. Then psych asked ...

How am I best to stop taking Geodon ?

Posted 26 Oct 2010 by TrentonDrew 2 answers

I have not been on Geodon long, maybe 2 2 1/2 Months, but I don't like it and want off of it. Can I just stop taking it, and what do you take for the stomach pains and light headedness ?

Recently I ran out of my bipolar meds - am I crazy?

Posted 7 Jan 2011 by ptsdguy 7 answers

Recently I ran out of Geodon for my bipolar disorder and what I discovered was quite disturbing. The first thing that happens is that I can't sleep. At all. Like this just compounds my problem. Not getting enough sleep can ruin anyone. During the first night not much happens, but the second ...

Provigil vs Nuvigil?

Posted 23 Jun 2011 by jillmb 5 answers

I am wondering if one works better than the other & if anyone has feedback on either of the two. I just can't shake the daytime drowsiness from Geodon, so I'll be prescribed one of two @ my next Dr's appointment.

What about seroquel?

Posted 19 Aug 2012 by Morton87 6 answers

Hi yall, I'm currently taking 160 mg, of geodon. I will be coming off it soon because of feeling like a zombie. I want to try seroquel, I know it helps with sleep. By the way i suffer from chronic sleepeness, i'm talking about just 3 hours a sleep in the mornong. By that time pratically ...

Bipolar Disorder - How do I get the meds I need?

Posted 9 Jul 2013 by Smurph1954 6 answers

My psychiatrist says I have just bipolar. I take geodon and neurontin. My therapist, recommended by him. Says I have anxiety, depression, and some PTSD. Bad childhood. I am having crippling panic attacks. Who do I believe, and why go to both when diagnosis and treatment is so different?

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