I started taking Geodon at 20mg then was given the next higher dosage of 40mg. This pill doesn't let me function during the day. It gives my whole body this sensation of not being able to want to do anything but sleep it off and I can't stand it. I've been on several antipsychotics and none have ever made me feel this way. I'm DONE with the weight gain too.Before I was given this I was on Rexulti (a new drug just approved by the FDA in July 2015). There was a time in between I was only taking Wellbutrin, and I think I was just fine with that alone. I am going to start tapering off Geodon by first lowering my dosage from 40 to 20 every other day, then wait a few days in between then one week and I'll be fine then. I've tapered off others before but since this one is a capsule, I can't break it in half like I've done others.

Any other ways others have tapered off this medication?