My psychiatrist put me on Lexapro and is lowering my Geodon 40mg every 5 days so far so good. I used to take 320mg a day now I am down to 280mg my head is feeling more clearer and the anxiety and depression are going.

My last psychiatrist just put me on Zyprexa and weened me off the Geodon. I had major problems I thought I was going insane and was ready to voluntarily commit myself to the psychiatric ward at the hospital I was taking 320mg of Geodone then to.

The reason I was put back on the Geodon is that my sister is taking it and doing good I thought I was doing something wrong it did give me more energy and I thought it helped me think more clearly I now know I was wrong. I was misdiagnosed from the start first with bipolar disorder then with schizoaffective disorder my new psychiatrist diognosed me as having Anxiety disorder.

I think the Geodon really screwed me up big time now I am trying to get off the stuff as safely as possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am also taking:
Clonazepam 4mg (stopped working after 2 years)
Lithium 1200mg (planning on weening off it)