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I have just started to take fluoxetine 20 mg for the last three days . I am taking them to reduce?

Posted 31 Aug 2016 by maxpaddy24 1 answer

... hot flushes menopause. They are making me feel dizzy, a little sick and a thick head, ( hang over effect). How long will I last ? And would I benefit from taking at night instead, so I don't feel so groggy for work in the day

Too scared to start fluoxetine?

Posted 15 Aug 2016 by Scarf00 3 answers

When my doctor prescribed me fluoxetine, he said there was no chance of it making me nauseous or making me vomit. The starting dose is 10mg, (By breaking the tablet in half). I did try sertraline 50mg a few years ago. and I had a headache along with nausea. I had to stop taking it after 5 days. I ...

Fluoxetine - last time I tried prozac for my pmdd I got frightened of the side effects?

Posted 22 Aug 2016 1 answer

Had foggy heavy head insomnia/ sleepiness sweating and hot flushes and beating heart. I tried it for two months and feel like I need desperately to give it another go. Do some people take longer than that for effects to go away

Fluoxetine - Does the nausea go away after taking it for awhile?

Posted 18 Aug 2016 by Butterfly-29-79 2 answers

My son is 13yrs old an had anger problems. When first started taking the med he was happy an no side effects, but after being on it for 2 months he is having nausea an restless sleep.

Can I take cyclizine with fluoxetine & mirtazipine?

Posted 5 Aug 2016 by Kerryj17 1 answer

I take mirtazipine nightly for anxiety & depression, have started taking fluoxetine for the menopause but have nausea from taking fluoxetine, can I take cyclizine to combat the nausea

Fluoxetine and alcohol?

Posted 31 Jul 2016 by Lolxxxxx 2 answers

Hi, I've just come off fluoxetine about 4 days ago and my friends are going to a party tonight... I was just wondering whether it would be okay to get a bit tipsy? Will it be safe?

What is it like when fluoxetine starts working?

Posted 24 Jul 2016 by moises79 1 answer

Will the morning fatigue, lack of interest and energy improve? How about sleep? I've been on it for 31/2 weeks. I have seen some improvement on my energy. I don't get as dizzy and drowsy as before starting taking it. I have also seen improvement on my appetite. I was on Cymbalta for 11 ...

Fluoxetine - I've been prescribed Lovan and Serequol for my panic attacks and anxiety?

Posted 9 Jul 2016 by beating depression 1 answer

I've been on Lovan 10mg for 5 days then i increased to 20mg on Sunday,i feel really nausiated,light headed,getting panic attacks,feel like I'm dying,is this a normal reaction,overall I've been on them for 11days I also take 50mg Serequol 1 morning and 50mg 1 night,was wondering if ...

I'm starting on mirtazapine and still have to take fluoxetine for two weeks?

Posted 19 Jul 2016 by Facethefear 2 answers

The fluoxetine isn't working so I've got to take mirtazapine at night while taking fluoxetine in morning for two weeks I'm told this is safe to do by my psych and pharmacy

Prozac - I have been taking Lovan (fluoxetine) 20mg tablets which is dispersed in water and then?

Posted 4 Aug 2016 by Suchisking 0 answers

... drank for nearly a year now. My doc has switched me over to the capsules. Has anyone switched from tablets to capsules before? Has been an easy transition? Or did side effects flare up again?

Fluoxetine - When and for how long?

Posted 30 Jul 2016 by Issy13 0 answers

At what point in your cycle is the most advantageous to take low dose fluoxetine? And for how long? How many days? Is there a noticeable difference when you stop for the rest of the month?

Is it bad to take two different prescribed medications at the exact same time?

Posted 7 Jul 2016 by Im an adult 1 answer

Right now, I'm taking minocycline, terbinafine, and fluoxetine. Because of my work schedule, I like to take fluoxetine at night and minocycline and terbinafine in the morning. Is it bad to take minocycline and terbinafine together (as in both pills are in my mouth and swallowed at the same ...

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