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Switched from Lexapro - Celexa. How long until it works?

Posted 5 Jul 2017 by Wluwrestling 1 answer

So I have been through a tough time with medicines, I went through severe anxiety again lately and went to fluoxetine the first time from March-June and it gave me severe anxiety still. Then I went on Lexapro for 3 weeks (loved it) but the constipation was to much. Switched to Buspar for 5 days and ...

Fluoxetine/Olanzapine - Is it recommended to take Symbyox or fluoxetine olanzapine as seperate pills

Posted 15 Jun 2017 by Dgfernandez 2 answers

Are dosages better regulated with combo olanzapine fluoxetine

Acute bronchitis antibiotic?

Posted 23 Jun 2017 by Terralyn 0 answers

Prozac - What is it like going back on fluoxetine after being off for a year?

Posted 23 May 2017 by happidaze 2 answers

I am contemplating going back on fluoxetine after being off of it for a little over a year. When I went off Fluox (40mg) I started taking Lexapro (escitalopram 20mg). Just wondering about side effects and effectiveness when starting back up. I experienced some side effects for the first couple of ...

How long for Prozac 20 mg to work?

Posted 25 May 2017 by anijan13 2 answers

I've been on fluoxetine 20mg for about 11 days now. I have panic disorder and I constantly feel like I'm always about to have another panic attack any second and I've been like this for about 4 months now. I'm not feeling any kind of a difference ever since starting the ...

Feeling sleepy after two months on fluoxetine?

Posted 3 Feb 2017 by Redcorvette 2 answers

I'm currently taking 20 mg of fluoxetine since mid December and during the last 2 weeks I've been feeling really sleepy and tired everyday. I used to take sertraline before and this never happened when I was taking it, I had to switch to fluoxetine cause it was making me gain a lot of ...

10mg of fluoxetine just 7 days prior to period?

Posted 1 Jun 2017 by Voodoochacha 1 answer

How does it affect you when you stop for other 3 weeks? I just turned 40 and depression is super bad right before my period. Don't want to be on drugs ALL the time but need help during this time of the month. Interested in this method, Wendiworm

Can Cigarettes be smoked on fluoxetine(Prozac) without altering the metabolism/effect/pharmacology?

Posted 28 Apr 2015 by lukeandreas 2 answers

SSRI, Prozac, Fluoxetine, Tobacco, Cigarettes

Sertraline - SSRI - Serotonin Syndrome Risks?

Posted 13 Apr 2017 by Rockhopper92 2 answers

Hi, I've been on 50mg daily of Sertraline and have been now for about 5 or 6 days. A couple of years ago I took Fluoxetine for a few months with no issues. However Sertralien is making me feel dizzy, breathless, more anxious and generally very crappy. I sort of expected this as I don't ...

3rd day on fluoxetine 20 mg, will these side effects go away soon?

Posted 1 May 2017 by wolfquestion82 2 answers

I am having a lot of nausea and headaches that don't seem to go away. I also feel like it's really hard to focus on one thing right now mentally and I am so so tired. Will these symptoms go away soon or do I need to quit this medication before it gets any worse?

How effective is Prozac on motivation/weight mgmt/sex drive?

Posted 25 Apr 2017 by G Mc 1 answer

For those who have been on Prozac/Fluoxetine... can you rate your experience in the following areas and what dosage level you are on ? (1) motivation(feeling of getting things accomplished) (2) weight management - weight loss or weight gain (3) sex drive - increase or decrease ??

Fluoxetine - How will these meds make me overall???

Posted 13 Mar 2017 by Brittneymt 2 answers

So I have dealt with anxiety depression OCD irrational thoughts intrusive thoughts and I have had it!!! My doctor prescribed me fluoxetine 10mg. I'm very anxious to take this as I don't even take meds for a headache they scare me! I just wanna know what to expect maybe and how long before ...

Can fluoxetine cause a sore throat?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by MacW 1 answer

My daughter has had a recurring sore throat since her dosage of fluoxetine was raised in the fall. She has been tested for mono three times and told that she just has a virus or some sort. Her psychiatrist says that it could not be caused by the fluoxetine. Her throat has hurt for four weeks now. ...

Depakote - Sodium Valproate and Fluoxetine for Depression?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by MsKaluah 0 answers

I've taken many types of antidepressants over the past 17 years, but never made it out ofdepression for very long at a time. My new psychiatrist prescribed me Sodium Valproate (1000mg) about 8 days ago to take alongside the Fluoxetine (60mg) I've been on for a while (it helps with my OCD ...

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