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Fluoxetine and night shift advice?

Posted 25 Nov 2016 by rhiannonkiera 2 answers

Three days ago I had my Fluoxetine dosage upped from 20mg to 40mg. I haven't had any shifts since this time however I feel awful. Very jittery, shaky, a nasty taste in my mouth, pretty much everything i got when I started with the 20mg. However in two days I'm working a 15 hour shift. I ...

Can Cigarettes be smoked on fluoxetine(Prozac) without altering the metabolism/effect/pharmacology?

Posted 28 Apr 2015 by lukeandreas 2 answers

SSRI, Prozac, Fluoxetine, Tobacco, Cigarettes

I take Abilify 2mg. fluoxetine 10mg. and divalproex sod DR 125 mg. Once a day at about 5:30 am?

Posted 11 Nov 2016 by Monty9874 1 answer

I was wondering if it would hurt to drink a couple beers. Later in the day about 10 pm or later

Fluoxetine - Higher dose required for bulimia treatment?

Posted 27 Oct 2016 by A8899 2 answers

My general practitioner prescribed Prozac for my anxiety. I did not tell her that I was interested in taking it for my eating disorder because I didn't inform her of my bulimia. She prescribed 10mg for the first week and then 20mg thereafter. I'm reading the reviews and it sounds like the ...

Any body know a brand of fluoxetine similar to Accord?

Posted 8 Nov 2016 by Brenda230 0 answers

Accord brand discontinued I have taken this brand for many years. I need one with the same ingredients.

Depression - Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated?

Posted 16 Oct 2016 by Samantha1984 2 answers

A difficult Home life, personal circumstances for many years let to a breakdown i was Diagnosed with severe depression by my GP in April 2016, unfortunately I had a Bad Reaction to fluoxetine, GP changed medication to sertraline. I also take propronolol for migraine prevention which I know is also ...

2nd day on 20 mg fluoxetine am I supposed to feel this way please HELP???

Posted 24 Sep 2016 by alexvirgo 4 answers

Hi there today was my second day on 20 mg fluoxetine , I have never been on an anti depressant before and I've never had suicidal thoughts but today on the second day I was seriously anxious, chest tightness as well I needed to get my grandmother to stay with me because I was very afraid and ...

Fluoxetine - Prozac 8 weeks in and feeling very fatigued during the day?

Posted 4 Jul 2016 by ClareJewell 3 answers

I have been taking 20mg of Prozac for 8 weeks now and whilst it has helped with my anxiety and depression to a degree it has caused me to feel so fatigued that I often have to sleep in the afternoon (even though I am sleeping anything from 10 hours upwards at night). I am not able to function like ...

Fluoxetine - Do you feel as though you have put weight on?

Posted 13 Oct 2016 by Kim30foreva 0 answers

I've been on fluoxetine for 4 years. Daily 20mg I put weight on that I just can't shift

Fluoxetine - I have been on Lexapro 10mg for 7 weeks now, and 2 weeks ago I started having migraines

Posted 27 Sep 2016 by JMR84 1 answer

My doctor stopped the Lexapro and started me on Prozac 10mg daily. Anybody else had this experience?

I have just started to take fluoxetine 20 mg for the last three days . I am taking them to reduce?

Posted 31 Aug 2016 by maxpaddy24 1 answer

... hot flushes menopause. They are making me feel dizzy, a little sick and a thick head, ( hang over effect). How long will I last ? And would I benefit from taking at night instead, so I don't feel so groggy for work in the day

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