my 15 yr old started fluoxetine july 2014 ( she was 14 at that time) she has been complaining of headaches for about a month and a half (as i just recently found out) she had her appointment with her Psyciatrist/prescriber(writer) and she said it was too late her for her be getting those side effects now that if it was the med she would have gotten them right away. told me to get her eyes checked and check back in 3 weeks... .. my question is it possible for side effects to begin a few months in after taking a medication. She isnt having a problem seeing but I do have an appt with an opthomologst this coming week. She was just so qucik to dismiss it I am having concerns they are really beginning to bother her they happen daily sometimes more than once. They are not light sensitive, she is not having vision problemss they are centered in front head and "hurt". Thank you for any advice I am going to call her pediatrician to see if he can follow her medications until i can find a new script writer.