I am taking these medications for depression, and have been on Adderall and fluoxetine for four years and bupropion for two. They do not appear to have any noticeable negative side effects (well, the Adderall reduces my appetite, but I make sure to eat enough and stay conscious of it. It also can hinder sleep if I were to take it too late, but I really only take it when I wake up.)

My doctor says I can skip Adderall any day. I prefer to have it, but I don't have to. However, for the other two, she says I can't skip because it is the kind to build up in the body system and will cause adverse effects if I were to suddenly go from my current dose to none.

I've also given blood before. I believe I didn't take my medications when I did so, if my memory serves me correctly. It went well except I fainted a bit afterward.