I have GAD and have been taking fluoxetine for about a year now. My doctor prescribed lorazepam as my “emergency” medication, aka to be taken when my fluoxetine doesn’t stop a panic attack. This doesn’t usually happen very often, but I stopped taking my fluoxetine because I found that my cat helped soothe my anxiety. My parents took him away, so I’ve been trying to take my fluoxetine every day again, but it can take up to 14 days to fully feel the effects. So, I’ve been taking my lorazepam (Ativan) when I feel super anxious, which is almost every day. I take .5 mg for panic attacks, but I’ve noticed they don’t work as well any more and I’ve been having to take 2 or 3 pills to stop a panic attack. I want to talk to my doctor and my mom about upping the dosage, but when I went to get my medications filled again, my doctor warned me not to use the lorazepam unless I absolutely need it. I do follow that advice, because usually people take a 30 pill bottle of .5 mg in 6 months, but I almost made it a whole year without needing to fill it. I don’t want them to worry that I’m addicted, because I’m not, I just need a higher dosage to feel relaxed at all. Should I talk to my doctor about upping the dosage or try to hang on until the fluoxetine takes effect? (Could be ~11 days until it takes effect)