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Silvadene Cream 1% - Is Silvadene for prescription or OTC?

Posted 15 Feb 2017 by Rosedal 1 answer

I burned 2 fingers a little and although I kept them under ice cold water one became a blister and now all red and it burns and hurts. Been using Bacitracin gel for a week but doesn't seem to work. My dermatologist's assistant told me to buy the OTC Silvadene. Is it an OTC? Or is needed a ...

Do blood vessels (veins, capillaries, arteries) heal on their own after a cut?

Posted 3 Aug 2015 by Admonisher 3 answers

Hello. I recently accidentally cut my right hand below my index with a knife. The wound was deep (1 cm). When I went to the hospital the doctor asked me to move my finger and so I did.Then the wound was stitched. My question is can the blood vessels that were cut beneath the skin heal themselves? ...

Why my left shoulder arm are in constant pain and fingers and hand goes numb nothing helps at all?

Posted 14 Dec 2014 by myself and me 3 answers

... been hurting a whole month neeed to know the problem

What happens when a little bit of clobetasol prolanoate enters into stomach?

Posted 4 days ago by SUBHAYAN MAITY 1 answer

I am using clobetasol propanoate cream on my feet and pads. Some bit of these cream which remains stuck to fingers may enter to my stomach while having a meal. Is it really dangerous to my brain? I use propysylic ointment.

Is this a Felon? And can it heal?

Posted 2 days 10 hours ago by TMLFAN 0 answers

I have had a finger infection for a couple days now and it seems to have swelled down a bit but there’s a white circle under the edge of my fingernail it doesn’t hurt bad but I can feel it. Should I seek medical help? I’ve had finger infections a lot of times before and they all ...

Date assault- Pregnancy?

Posted 12 days ago by Melinda5589 0 answers

About two weeks ago I went out with a guy on a date. Without going into extensive detail about what happened... it was a horrible date. I realized that he put his fingers in my vagina without asking me and without my knowledge, and for a few minutes. He also had his penis exposed and against my ...

I wear contact lens' and accidentally rubbed my eye with a finger that still had a little bengay?

Posted 9 days ago by smihb0853 0 answers

on it yesterday and it started to irritate my eye. My eye is still irritating me and my vision in that eye is a little fuzzy off and on. Will this eventually clear up soon or should I go in see my optometrist/ophthalmologist to check or? Would it have ruined my contact lens?

My husband is a diabetic and has heart dease. He has 9 stents and the most recent 2 were put in 2?

Posted 14 days ago by Chech379 1 answer

... weeks ago. He says his fingers are tingling and/or slightly hurting and his left shoulder is acachie. He has neuropathy and his diebtis has been moderately controlled. I had him take a medical leave from work after his last 2 stents to get his diebtis under control and his overall health. ...

How safe is it to restart my Herceptin?

Posted 28 Sep 2017 by eyoung 0 answers

I recently developed severe chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy with Herceptin, Taxol and Carboplatin. I also noted bluish discoloration in my fingers as well as ringing in my right ear plus intermittent blurry vision. My treatment has been stopped for 4 weeks this week and Herceptin is ...

Diarrhea directly after taking azithromycin do I need to get a new prescription?

Posted 1 Sep 2017 by Sliazrheu1234 2 answers

Took two tablets for first dose and then had diarrhea maybe 30 sec later (stomach might be upset by something I ate earlier today). For an infection on my finger and afraid that they won't work if I don't take more.

Middle finger cold and numb to the touch. Is it normal?

Posted 8 Sep 2017 by terrie1468 0 answers

Had surgery on 8/23/17 on left hand for carpur tunnel release. Pain has been getting worst now finger is cold.

Can I have Marfan Syndrome with only mild symptoms?

Posted 29 Aug 2017 by Hanad Lani 0 answers

I have a lot of that syndrome's symptoms like: Pectus Excavatus Tall and thin build Long limbs and fingers and toes Hypermobility But I don't seem to have any symptoms in the CVS or in the Eye Thanks

Hello! About 9 months ago I and my family were treated for scabies with permethrin cream. (I was the

Posted 30 Jul 2017 by Blondie91 0 answers

... first to show symptoms, and was itchy for months before realizing what was probably wrong) Since then, I have had reacurring, tiny water blisters on my fingers. I'm not having any severe itching and honestly the blisters usually dont itch they are just annoying. I've had a few ...

I recently got my hand cut by a knife. The cut was between my thumb and index finger about 1cm deep?

Posted 23 Jul 2017 by Keegocarver 2 answers

I have been cleaning the wound with soap and water. I also applied neosprin to the wound and a bandage with gauze wrap around my thumb. I think I might of cut a nerve and an artery from the knife. Now my thumb has been numb ever since it happened. This is the third day and I haven't seen any ...

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