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When I throw a ball my fingers tingle, what causes this?

When I throw a baseball my thumb, pointer finger, middle and ring finger tingle what is the cause of this and what does it mean?

Do blood vessels (veins, capillaries, arteries) heal on their own after a cut?

Hello. I recently accidentally cut my right hand below my index with a knife. The wound was deep (1 cm). When I went to the hospital the doctor asked me to move my finger and so I did.Then the wound was stitched. My question is can the blood vessels that were cut beneath the skin heal themselves? ... read more

Vaginal Yeast Infection - reoccuring yeast infection from sexual activity?

I think I've been getting yeast infections from sexual activity with my boyfriend? Anytime he fingers me or he goes down on me afterwards it starts to itch all around my vagina and near my clit and it will stay like that for a week! After the itching begins I'll start to notice the white... read more

Silvadene Cream 1% - Is Silvadene for prescription or OTC?

I burned 2 fingers a little and although I kept them under ice cold water one became a blister and now all red and it burns and hurts. Been using Bacitracin gel for a week but doesn't seem to work. My dermatologist's assistant told me to buy the OTC Silvadene. Is it an OTC? Or is needed a... read more

Male, age 33, shoulder pain and finger twitching?

For the past two years, I've had intermittent shoulder pain (always my left shoulder) that leads to twitching in my ring finger and some twitching in my middle finger. About six months ago, I realized that a potential cause of this was the walks I have with my dog. I walk him twice a day,... read more

I recently got my hand cut by a knife. The cut was between my thumb and index finger about 1cm deep?

I have been cleaning the wound with soap and water. I also applied neosprin to the wound and a bandage with gauze wrap around my thumb. I think I might of cut a nerve and an artery from the knife. Now my thumb has been numb ever since it happened. This is the third day and I haven't seen any... read more

Phentermine - tingly fingers?!?

I've been on phentermine for a month now and the only negative side effect I have is tingly finger tips. Anyone else have this problem?

I have trigger finger in my thumb Dr. gave me Voltaren Gel does anyone know if it works?

My Ins don't pay much on it, But if it works it would be worth it. I don't want to have surgery on it, I've already had four fingers and my other thumb cut on. I can't afford the surgery my deducible is $3000 + the other 20%.

Neuroforte-R - can neurovite forte work for nerve pain and stiffness in the fingers and lower arm?

... and regenerate nerve? Is this effective for nerve growth? from spinal surgery since 2014 feb. ans i have numbness, stiffness and no grip. the left fingers are still weak

Monistat-1 - How can you tell if it's working?

... inserting my finger to examine the discharge it's still look like somewhat cottage cheese so I'm wondering should I take another dose or give it time maybe it's the medicine that I'm seeing

Will taking clindamycin for a few days interfere with the results of blood tests at the hospital?

The nephrologist knows all the meds I take and this clindamycin was for a painful inflamed finger, have been taking the mycin for 3 days and scheduled for four days more and then no more.

Will neurontin and gabapentin help with numbness in fingers due to diabetic nerve damage?

I am experiencing numbness and tingling in both my hands, more concentrated on the right, especially the middle finger tip. This is due to diabetes. I have been experiencing this for a few weeks now. It isn't horribly painful, but it is uncomfortable. I will see my doctor this week. Would... read more

Can 40 Mg of Atorvastatin daily cause tingling and numbness in fingers and hands?

My hands and fingers feel as if they are numb and the skin feels like it has been burned or has been rubbed raw.

How long does semen survive on human skin?

So I was in a car with my boyfriend and after I gave him oral, he came and he touched it. He wiped his hands on his pants and then took a 15 minute nap. Later he inserted his fingers into my vagina for a quick second because we realized what happened earlier.

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