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Do blood vessels (veins, capillaries, arteries) heal on their own after a cut?

Posted 3 Aug 2015 by Admonisher 3 answers

Hello. I recently accidentally cut my right hand below my index with a knife. The wound was deep (1 cm). When I went to the hospital the doctor asked me to move my finger and so I did.Then the wound was stitched. My question is can the blood vessels that were cut beneath the skin heal themselves? ...

Silvadene Cream 1% - Is Silvadene for prescription or OTC?

Posted 15 Feb 2017 by Rosedal 1 answer

I burned 2 fingers a little and although I kept them under ice cold water one became a blister and now all red and it burns and hurts. Been using Bacitracin gel for a week but doesn't seem to work. My dermatologist's assistant told me to buy the OTC Silvadene. Is it an OTC? Or is needed a ...

Why my left shoulder arm are in constant pain and fingers and hand goes numb nothing helps at all?

Posted 14 Dec 2014 by myself and me 3 answers

... been hurting a whole month neeed to know the problem

What symptoms differentiate Gout Vs RA?

Posted 2 days 15 hours ago by KellyCunningham2020 1 answer

I have severe swelling in hands, wrist, ankles feet toes, every knuckle in my hand feels like it's on fire, fingers will stiffen and can barely bend, skin is often red , pain started in feet about 3 yrs ago ... chalked it up to Planner Faceitis... now I know it's not PF at all ... my ...

I broke my finger and it never straightened out. Can I get my finger back to normal?

Posted 14 days ago by dkry 2 answers

It' has been two years

ORIF of 5th proximal phalanx?

Posted 4 days ago by juyeong 0 answers

Hello My husband broke his 5th proximal phalanx after he fell on his finger. The doctor did ORIF on his finger and used antibiotics too. He now stopped taking anti but still hospitalized because the doc says his CRP level is high. I saw the lab results and it says 0.51mg/DL . The doc is keeping him ...

Terbinafine - Will it stop my fingernail bed from being red and sore?

Posted 7 days ago by scolav 0 answers

My fingers are red and swollen and it hurts. Some of my nails are growing with ridges and have turned brittle.

Male, age 33, shoulder pain and finger twitching?

Posted 22 Apr 2017 by drsugarray 2 answers

For the past two years, I've had intermittent shoulder pain (always my left shoulder) that leads to twitching in my ring finger and some twitching in my middle finger. About six months ago, I realized that a potential cause of this was the walks I have with my dog. I walk him twice a day, ...

Will neurontin and gabapentin help with numbness in fingers due to diabetic nerve damage?

Posted 26 Mar 2017 by sfro46 1 answer

I am experiencing numbness and tingling in both my hands, more concentrated on the right, especially the middle finger tip. This is due to diabetes. I have been experiencing this for a few weeks now. It isn't horribly painful, but it is uncomfortable. I will see my doctor this week. Would ...

What are these bumps on my hands?

Posted 9 Apr 2017 by Becki82726 0 answers

Originally I freaked out and thought I had scabies. But there's only an occasional itch, not intense and it's not between my fingers. It looks like a tiny white liquid filled bump to begin with, I think as I have a new one. When it gets old, it turns brown and after that I'm left ...

What drug's can be used to treat arthritis?

Posted 15 Mar 2017 by Sticky fingers 2 answers

My fingers keep getting stuck and I am unable to move them back into place they stay stuck for about 10 seconds or more. What can I do. I've tried most over the counter remedies.

I have been on an anticoagulant drug for 4 years. Since 2015 I have taken Xarelto 20 mg daily

Posted 17 Mar 2017 by smikaelian 0 answers

Now i start having joints pain- shoulders, fingers, body pain. I am exercising 5 days per week by 1 hours a day. I am 78 years old lady. My physician gave me advice to take once a day Ibuprofen- 800mg once tablet daily. Is it possible? I read that Xarelto has an interaction with ibuprofen and with ...

Why do my hands and fingers feel like they're vibrating when I sing?

Posted 5 Mar 2017 by UPenn18 0 answers

Whenever I get the house to myself, which isn't often, I like to sing but when I really start belting songs my hands and fingers start feeling like theyre vibrating intensely. Like if you were to hold the vibrating part of a back massager, but they aren't actually physically vibrating. ...

Orthopedic Surgery - Has anyone had a split tear of the ECU tendon in wrist and had surgery for it?

Posted 24 Feb 2017 by cooker562 1 answer

... What are your results and prognosis? Had my surgery 2/21/17 and pain is greater than I expected. Cast is over the elbow and very tight. Swelling and pain present in fingers, outside of wrist up through forearm. Throbbing and jolts of pain are helped slightly with Percoset. Any suggestions and ...

Will taking clindamycin for a few days interfere with the results of blood tests at the hospital?

Posted 20 Feb 2017 by ira62hair 1 answer

The nephrologist knows all the meds I take and this clindamycin was for a painful inflamed finger, have been taking the mycin for 3 days and scheduled for four days more and then no more.

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