For the past two years, I've had intermittent shoulder pain (always my left shoulder) that leads to twitching in my ring finger and some twitching in my middle finger. About six months ago, I realized that a potential cause of this was the walks I have with my dog. I walk him twice a day, everyday, always using my left arm - he's a stubborn dog and pulls a lot so I have to constantly pull back - I think this repetitive 'pulling back' motion eventually caused some shoulder damage. About six months ago I switched to a leash that gives me easier control over him. I also visited a neurologist at that time, and he ran me thru some general diagnostic tests (he tested reflexes, tested finger coordination, searched for numbness on other parts of my body, etc... ) and told me that he didn't see any signs of anything serious.

However, yesterday I did a crossfit workout involving alot of upper body weight lifting and I noticed the shoulder pain came back shortly after the workout. Then the finger twitching began. Today most of the shoulder pain is gone but the finger twitching remains. The twitching is always localized to my ring and middle fingers on my left hand, never anywhere else. My concern right now is that the finger twitching is much more pronounced than usual - my middle finger has been visibly twitching all morning.

Do I have a pinched nerve causing this? Or something else that is causing the shoulder pain and finger twitching? Every time this happens it worries me quite a bit.