I think I've been getting yeast infections from sexual activity with my boyfriend? Anytime he fingers me or he goes down on me afterwards it starts to itch all around my vagina and near my clit and it will stay like that for a week! After the itching begins I'll start to notice the white discharge that looks like cottage cheese. Which has led me to believe it's a yeast infection. This has happened more than once and ALWAYS happens after sexual activity with my boyfriend. I've been researching this but I've come up with no answers. The only thing that stops it is when I stop sexual activity with him. But the second we start again it happens. I think I've narrowed it down to clitoral stimulation but I'm not sure! Tonight we tried it again after two weeks of absolutely nothing and I had to stop him because my clit started to her soooo bad. What could be happening? I've been taking cranberry pills to help with the yeast infections (which hopefully I'm correctly assuming it's a yeast infection all of my symptoms seem to be pointing to that) that I had previously been getting. Could over stimulation on my clit be causing this? I'm still a virgin so I know I don't have any STD's and he's been tested so he doesn't either. I know it's not herpes. Plus neither of us have any bumps for it to even be that. Please help! This happening had really put me off wanting to have sex and I want to feel pleasure instead of pain! And I don't want to go to the doctor until I know for sure it's something that either one of us are doing and it can be avoided in the future!