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Sergeant bansect?

Posted 1 Jun 2014 by ScreamingTut 6 answers

Lots of cats and dogs are dying from the use of the Flea and Tick Stuff. My friends family cat was given this by the Vet and after they got home the cat went into seizures. get the company who makes this product take it off the market please. I bet you would not like to see your cat or dog shaking ...

Is keflex in the same family as cipro?

Posted 16 Apr 2014 by mommablitz 3 answers

Nitrofurantoin - Is Macrobid part of the penicillin family?

Posted 5 May 2015 by jnbjones1 1 answer

I have been told I have streptococcus agalactiae (10,000) and am on Microbid but I understand that penicillin is the best drug for this. Should I ask a doctor t change my medicine? I am not allergic to penicillin.

Can Tramadol cause feelings of anger?

Posted 10 Mar 2015 by SkeeterElf 3 answers

I have only been on Tramadol for a week now and today I experienced a sense of anger all day long. I am becoming very defensive and striking out at friends and family. I have Parkinson's Disease and am taking Tramadol for severe pain in my left leg. What is causing this feeling of anger all of ...

Amitiza not really working - any advice or suggestions?

Posted 6 May 2014 by lhoover1985 8 answers

I am a 28 year old female who prior to about 1 1/2 years ago, had absolutely no medical issues, let alone GI issues, to speak of. I'll also say there are no GI issues in my family history, with the exception of my brother who developed ulcerative colitis around the same time I started having ...

My doctor prescribed Zoloft for depression and anxiety. After researching Zoloft it says...

Posted 4 days ago by 1956mj 5 answers

... it's for social anxiety. My anxiety is due to major family issues that I worry about all day everyday. I haven't started taking it yet and don't want to unless there's a chance it will help.

Mirena - I’ve had Mirena since April 2015. Alway’s had spotting for periods. And give or take, 3

Posted 7 days ago by Artistjc424 0 answers

I have had normal-like periods (7 days) roughly 3 times since it was inserted. As of right now, I have had a period that has lasted over 2 weeks. One of my immediate family members has had ovarian cancer. I also have a long history of thyroid issues (thyroid cancer survivor since 2014). I’m ...

I have a small sewing pin stuck in my chest can't get it out how do I draw it out?

Posted 14 days ago by P piper 0 answers

As I've tried to get it out I've pushed it further in is there any way to draw out the pin without going to A&E I only have another 24 hours with my family before I head back to Portsmouth would leaving it a couple of days make any difference I'm in no pain or discomfort and will ...

RP 123 peachy/pink small capsule- What’s this please?

Posted 21 Dec 2017 by Kubalanza9 0 answers

Cleaning out Medicine cabinet and found mixture of over the counter pills taken at one time or another by a family member. It could be an anacid, heartburn, or anti-gas pill. Even diarrhea. I have about 30 of these. What are they?

Pinworm Infection (Enterobius vermicularis) - We discovered pinworms in my two year old earlier this

Posted 9 Dec 2017 by Tempest555 0 answers

... week. I have been cleaning like crazy and everyone in the family has been treated except for me since I am pregnant. I have been reading that you can check to see if you have pinworms by waiting until a few hours after you fall asleep and using scotch tape pressed to your nether regions. Do I ...

Hypogonadism - I'm 42. My penis and testicles are the same size since I was 12 years of age. I don't

Posted 5 Dec 2017 by Shawn Thorn 1 answer

... have a hairy chest like my father or my uncles on both sides of my family. I'm over weight, my Adams apple does stick out. My physical body doesn't look as a 40+ year old man's should. My penis works fine, going to the toilet isn't a problem or masturbation. It's just ...

Prozac, biphentin, birth control, and possible kidney problem?

Posted 15 Dec 2017 by Cordelia_rose 0 answers

Hi, I'm new here and due to some uncertainty with my doctors I have decided to come here for help, or really anything. Since I was really young my family and I have known something or things aren't right with me, mentally and physically. I have always shown symptoms of ADHD and ADD, along ...

Drug allergy to myicin. Dr prescribed an antibiotic bladder wash to avoid UTI's?

Posted 8 Dec 2017 by glenda1908 0 answers

Husband is very allergic to meds in the miacin. He has to self cath which makes him more susceptible to UTI's. Dr. wants him to do a bladder wash once a week. The medicine is in the miacin family. We are not sure he should use this, yet the urologist seems to think it would be no problem.

Is it safe to just quit taking Levothyroxine 88 MCG I still have my thyroid?

Posted 17 Oct 2017 by sweetthatishow1 2 answers

I've been on levothyroxine for over 5 years by my private family doctor... never increased or decreased my dosage I'm not even sure if I needed this I remember I used to feel good back before I used to take this medicine now I'm tired all the time bloated headaches... I would love to ...

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