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Chantix users: How long did it take you to feel like you didn't need to smoke?

Posted 5 May 2010 by anon512 23 answers

I'm wondering how long it took for you Chantix users, past or present, to feel like you no longer needed or wanted to smoke? Tomorrow will be day 4 for me on Chantix and I can tell no difference. I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, but I've known several people to take it for only a ...

What if you still smoke on Chantix?

Posted 11 Jun 2011 by tbug1 3 answers

My boyfriend has been on Chantix for 5 months now and he's still smoking. He has been smoking less. Instead of 1 pack per day he is smoking between 4 and 7 per day. I don't think he has actually tried to quit during this experience but rather hope the drug will work miracle.. I can't ...

Chantix - how to stop taking it correctly?

Posted 29 May 2014 by dirtyhippiegirl 4 answers

This is day 41 with no cigs. I started Chantix on April 12. I took it for a week; then stopped cigs and haven't had one since. I was only able to take the double doses for a week - it was making me too sick (nausea, stomach pains, shaky, couldn't breathe very well with any activity) so ...

Where can I get chantix if I don't have a dr or insurance?

Posted 21 Mar 2014 by Mountain due face 7 answers

I have asthma and I have smoked for years now I can hardly breath!!! My lungs are getting very weak and I can hardly breath!! I have to quit!!! Where can I get chantix?

Can I break the 1mg Chantix in half so I do not have to buy the starter pack?

Posted 23 Jul 2013 by dennieweenie 3 answers

I bought the starter pack a few months ago and I never did stop smoking, I guess I was not ready, so now want to know if I can break the 1mg pill in half and start over there, money is tight. Thanks for you answer please be prompt.

Chantix - Tips or tricks to manage nausea?

Posted 23 Nov 2014 by girffie 2 answers

After 3 weeks on this drug, I am still smoking tho markedly less. It is helping a great deal - I am smoking 8-12 a day VS 30-40 a day. However, the last four days I have been miserable with nausea. It doesn't matter if I eat, I am sick for 1-6 hours after taking the pill. I walk around the ...

Chantix - Fixed my anxiety?

Posted 9 Feb 2014 by buddy_jesus 20 answers

I have lived with pretty crippling anxiety my entire life. I have tried some anti-depressants and never liked the side effects, especially if I missed a dose. I have been taking Chantix for 2 1/2 weeks now. I can't recall a time in my life where I have seen this clear. I see a bigger picture, ...

Chantix - Why do I still want to smoke?

Posted 22 Jun 2014 by Kubert 6 answers

So I started Chantix 5 days ago and I'm still smoking. I think I misunderstood what the drug was about. I thought that I would stop enjoying the taste of cigarettes like I did when I took Zyban. But now I'm starting to realize that maybe it just makes the quitting easier? My cigarettes ...

Can you split the 1 mg Chantix pills into separate doses?

Posted 6 days ago by SammyBoots 0 answers

I just started the full 1 mg tablets twice a day (day 8 of the starter pack) and the nausea is awful not to mention that I feel kind of buzzed. If I space out the 1 mg tablets into four smaller doses will it still be as effective? I didn't get any nausea from the first 7 days

Chantix - Not sure if I've gotten used to the pills but I've been on them for a month, stopped?

Posted 12 days ago by Wheezy27 0 answers

... smoking 3 weeks ago. I was fine til the past week. The 'need' to smoke is back. My question is can you take more than one pill twice a day, even tho they are portioned by the day?

Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with the nausea from Chantix?

Posted 27 Aug 2017 by Banks1988 1 answer

I've used Chantix and quit before, but got off them probably sooner than I should have due to the morning nausea. I'm fine with the evening pill but the morning one makes me nauseous for a good hour. This is hard to deal with at work.

I started Chantix today. My doctor prescribed me a high dose and after two months she will begin...

Posted 29 Aug 2017 by Kgarciam11610 1 answer

... to decrease my dosage. Is it OK to start at a high does and gradually lower my doses?

Chantix - I have hives and rash on arms, upper legs and back. Does this mean I need to stop taking?

Posted 20 Aug 2017 by S-nash 1 answer

Is there an alternative to Chantix for allergic reaction?

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