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Has anyone experienced hair loss while taking Chantix?

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Rajive Goel 13 Sep 2011

Loss of hair has not been not reported or documented when Chantix is taken, maybe it could be due to some other cause, you should seek medical advice if its too bothersome.

Take care, please, best wishes!

Natashialou 27 Jul 2017

I have... I am experiencing it now! I have taken it several times in the last 15 years, and have had extreme hair loss each time!!! I went off it because my RX was out, the hair loss stopped, I was no longer losing mass amounts in shower, in my brush, in my hats. hairs were no longer flying around the bathroom EVERYWHERE!!! the average hair loss amount for women in mid 30's is 100 stands a day. My boyfriend and I counted 422, that we could gather (not speaking for the ones the ones we didn't get) in 1 day... 1 day!! I had my hair gathered up and pinned in loos hat from morning till night... that is from taking it out and sitting on white sheet on a bed! Someone needs to update the side effects. I am currently on it again and have been for 5 weeks, and my hair is so thin it's almost causing me a complex!

LaShawnda145 1 Mar 2015

I have been taking chantix for 2 weeks and I also have experienced severe hair loss. I have read several reviews where this has been common. It is not a proven side effect of chantix so they have not addressed it in the warnings.

giggity63 14 Nov 2017

I am in week 8 and my hair has been falling out to the point that I'm ready to stop taking it. At least now I know the reason for it. Makes me wonder about long term and stuff we don't know about yet. Hmmmm free discount card

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