This is day 41 with no cigs. I started Chantix on April 12. I took it for a week; then stopped cigs and haven't had one since. I was only able to take the double doses for a week - it was making me too sick (nausea, stomach pains, shaky, couldn't breathe very well with any activity) so for weeks now I've only been taking one pill at night before bed (after eating a small snack and taking nausea meds). To this day I still feel I cannot catch my breath even when I'm just sitting here now typing this (tho I have asthma- I've never felt this way before with out running up stairs or whatever). I don't have the cravings near as much nor do I ever want to have another cig. Can I just stop the Chantix now or should I take 1/2 a pill for a week or something then 1/4 of a pill or do 1/2 a pill every other day for a week? I don't want to freak out. My husband quit but stopped Chantix completely after 3 weeks (he had worse stomach pains and dizziness than I did) - still no cigs for him but I'm nervous to stop the pills. HELP