After 3 weeks on this drug, I am still smoking tho markedly less. It is helping a great deal - I am smoking 8-12 a day VS 30-40 a day. However, the last four days I have been miserable with nausea. It doesn't matter if I eat, I am sick for 1-6 hours after taking the pill. I walk around the house, when I am able to move without heaving, holding a big silver bowl because I never know when it's gonna hit. I am having difficulty eating as you can imagine so this could become a vicious cycle - unable to eat due to nausea/not eating causing worse nausea.

If I could get up and be more active it would help but movement often makes it worse so that leaves me at odds making it easier to smoke even if I don't really want one right then.

Any tips, tricks to curb the nausea? I do NOT want to stop taking this.