I have been on Chantix about 3 weeks. Have not wanted a smoke or had a craving in over 10 days. However, I seem to have many nasty side effects. Nausea, dizziness, I cannot go to the bathroom without taking a daily fiber therapy that is expensive and often that does not even work. I have smoked for 46 years. I love being smoke free.If I do not quit I am only 3 years from COPD. Also my eyesight is at stake from another condition. I cannot continue to smoke and have NO desire to. Yet, I tried cutting back on my dose by half and had cravings by that afternoon.Has anyone else experienced this? It is making life very difficult. Although, it cannot be as difficult as blindness , COPD, or any other thing I can think of as a result of continued smoking! Please answer this . I do not want to go off of this wonder drug! For me it is really working well. I am just very sick on it.