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Xarelto - My period is very heavy and has blood clots , is this regular?

I just started taking this last month and my period was 2 weeks long and very very heavy with blood clot too like this month. Will it happened every month?

Can COVID-19 cause blood clots?

Is COVID-19 associated with venous thromboembolism?

What can happen with high INR levels (9+) on Coumadin ?

Three years ago i was dianosed with a blood clot in my left calf after treatment. I was presribed 7mg of warfarin a day with no periodic blood tests and was told i would have take warfarin the rest of my life. I was recently hospitalized and treated with vitamin k and two units of frozen plasma. ... read more

Should I take warfarin in the morning or night?

I was told that warfarin should be taken at night. I am taking warfatin for blood clots

After hip surgery and was prescribed hydrocodone and acetaminophen

I was given hydrocodone and acetaminophen, and told to take baby aspirin for the prevention of blood clots. Just wondering if the low dose 81mg aspirin is good?

Blood clotting in foot around ankles?

I'm very concerned with my boyfriends ankle, he has this clotting around his ankle and further up his leg... what can be causing this and is there anything he can take over the counter?

Is it safe to take Tramadol and Warfarin together?.

Dromadol SR - y Dr. prescribed Tramadol for my pain, but I take Wafarin for blood clots. Is tramadol safe to take with this?

Warfarin and pain medication?

Taking warfarin for blood clots.Are there any bad side affects with hydrocodone or oxycodone for pain in my leggs?Also take metoprolol for high blood pressure .I have a hard time with my mom's dr.So I figured I'd come over here and see whatcha know ;-) Thanks for any info you can give me

Can my husband drink 6 to 8 cans of beer while taken Eliquis for DVt on left leg?

My husband drinks 6 to 8 cans of beer a day while taking Eliquis for 3 blood clots on b his left leg. Is there a problem while being on his blood thinner. Can this be a problem for him. Thanks

Has anyone been recommended to take Xarelto for three months only to treat DVT in leg?

I am a 40 year old female with no genetic predisposition for blood clots. On 9/4/16 I had a sclerotherapy to treat varicose veins on my left calf and three weeks after that I developed a superficial blood clot and DVT which is attached high in my tigh. The doctor told me I should be on the medicine... read more

Muscle Pain - I had a very large hematoma in my right thigh two months ago. During this episode I?

... could not move my leg at all. I had emergency surgery to to remove the hematoma, and a 1.5 liter of blood clot was removed from my thigh. However, my leg remained extremely swollen for 3 weeks (normal circumference = 22"; swollen circumference = 36"). The first two weeks of this three... read more

My doctor put me on wellbutrin for my menophase systems not depression?

I have horrible hot flashes & then freeze every hour of the day and night. I was on a estrogen supplement and did not have any hot flash, etc. But I devoloped a blood clot behind the retna of my left eye and they took me off of estrogen cold turkey. It was horrible. The doctor then put me on... read more

Is it normal to pass a large blood clot whole on the Depo Provera shot?

My 19 year old daughter received her first Depo Provera shot for birth control two months ago. The first month she didn't have a period. The second month she started spotting and cramping. Her cramping became and then she passed a large mass which I believe was a blood clot. It was about 2... read more

Has Metronidazole been making me bleed for 17 days? Bright red blood & now thick blood clots this AM

I went to the Dr because I was experiencing some pain during intercourse for about 2 min (just during insertion) my dr did some tests and sent them to the lab and told me I probably had muscles spasms. The tests came back that I might have a little bit of BV and I had some itching so she gave me... read more

Are huge clots normal after Plan B?

I took a Plan B pill on Jan 20th. Started my period a week later and bled for 16 days straight. Then stopped for 7 days and now started again a few days ago.And I just passed the biggest clot I've ever seen. I am cramping, my back hurts, no appetite and fatigued.

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