... could not move my leg at all. I had emergency surgery to to remove the hematoma, and a 1.5 liter of blood clot was removed from my thigh. However, my leg remained extremely swollen for 3 weeks (normal circumference = 22"; swollen circumference = 36"). The first two weeks of this three week period, I was bedfast, and underwent physical therapy to use a walker. I am currently walking with a cane, but I have an indentation on the quadricep that is 1" wide and roughly 4" long and runs perpendicular to my leg. I have a constant burning sensation in this indentation. Palpating the muscle under this indentation causes a very sharp, very intense stabbing pain with severe burning pain for several hours after palpation. The pain associated with this indentation follows the quadricep to the knee, and makes it painful to bend my knee.

Finally, my questions:

1.) Is this pain related to permanent damage?
2.) What are my pain management options?