I went to the Dr because I was experiencing some pain during intercourse for about 2 min (just during insertion) my dr did some tests and sent them to the lab and told me I probably had muscles spasms. The tests came back that I might have a little bit of BV and I had some itching so she gave me Metronidazole that I took 2 times a day 7 days. I started my period on March 25th like I should and I'm on birth control. April 1st I started the Metronidazole. Now it's April 10th, (17 days since I started my period) and I'm still bleeding but now instead of darkish blood and a very small flow like my periods are Ive been having bright red blood and just this morning I had some very large clots. I've had small clots the last few days. Yesterday the flow became much heavier. The 6th I went back to my dr and she said the medicine might be messing up my birth control causing this but 17days and now it's just now getting heavier!? HELP!! Any advice or answers please