I'm kind of afraid I messed things up. I am going to the walk-in clinic tomorrow morning, but want a general idea of what is up with me before I go.
I made an appointment to the gynecologist after noticing a fishy smell in my discharge. It turned out I had bacterial vaginosis because my soap messed up my pH levels. I was prescribed the metronidazole tablets at first and took two a day for three out of the seven days. I kept spitting them up and gagging, so I refused to take them for two days and called the doctor for a different medication. She then prescribed me the metronidazole vaginal gel that I would take once every night for 5 days. I took it for two days and then started my period after I took it for the second time that night. (Worst. period. ever. Woke up from pain, ended up fainting and going to ER.) So I was afraid and stopped taking the medicine for four days. Now I took it last night, the night before, and only have tonight left (no more tubes to use after that)...
I have been having a very thick white and brown slimy discharge. Some parts are stringy and some are just gross cottage cheesy (I see people say that on the internet)... There is no foul odor from the discharge. No pain when I pee, except I did notice a stronger scent. No pain or itching around the vagina. I've been having this kind of discharge probably since I got off of my period, though in the beginning it was just brown and really slimy looking.
Is this the bacteria coming out of me? Or could I have a yeast infection as I read other people say? Thanks.