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Contrave - How long did it take for your appetite to diminish?

I've been taking Contrave for about a week. So far no side effects, but not much change in my appetite either. I was hoping for instant hunger disappearance!! Does it take a while for the effectiveness to kick in? Thanks!

I've been taking Contrave for 5 weeks, I have neither lost nor gained.. I don't see a difference in?

... my appetite, other than getting nauseous quite often. I exercise 4-5 times a week so I'm not sure the Contrave is working for me. Anyone having similar issues?

I just started Saxenda today for weight loss! How long does it usually take to work?

I mean how long does it take to notice a loss in appetite?

Does anyone else get the same symptoms as speed on tramadol?

I have been taking tramadol for a week now and am having the same symptoms as if i were on speed, loss of appetite, happiness, slight confusion? I have to think harder, loads of energy, sweating, most importantly NO more pain. Does anyone else have these symptoms?

Wellbutrin, has anyone experienced hard or rapid & irregular heartbeats, muscle back pain, insomnia?

Loss of appetite and cannot gain any weight? This all makes me anxious and the whole reason I went on it was for depression and anxiety! Anyone out there have any similiar symptoms or have an educated reason why I am having these side effects? Help!

Did anyone on Prozac experience weight loss, and is that go away with time?

I am currently taking 5mg Prozac, will go up to 10mg on Wednesday after a week, but have no appetite. Having panic attacks and feel sleepy and nervous, but I am sticking with it, because I lost 4 pounds or maybe 5 in 4 days. That is the only thing so far I like about this medicine. Just wondering... read more

Zoloft - when do side effects go away?

My doctor started me on 25mg. of zoloft for 7 days. I had very bad headaches and loss of appetite. After 7 days he increased it to 50mg. and thats when the severe nausea started so he said to stay with it another week (50mg.) and gave me some nausea pills to take to see if that would help. I will... read more

Gabapentin - has anyone lost their appetite and lost weight while taking gapapentin?

Just been prescribed gabapentin for pain. have Systemic Lupus, Sjogrens syndrome, Osteoporosis and arthritis and chronic migraines. On a long list of other drugs already. Have been taken off mirtazipine because it caused me to gain weight. Dont want same problem with gabapentin! Only taken one... read more

Sertraline - Is Zoloft worth it?

I've only been on Zoloft (25 mg) for four days and I'm having headaches, I have no appetite, and my emotions are all over the place. A lot of people are saying 'it gets worse before it gets better' but are the negative side effects worth it? I've read both good and bad... read more

Anxiety meds that do not cause weight gain or increased appetite?

I am looking for a drug that fits the description above. I have tried Prozac, celexa and abilify.

Is it true about Cymbalta and weight gain or is it the Abilify only?

I don't care about all the other postings on Cymbalta and weight gain I want to ask my own cause it says specifically that it causes loss of appetite. Nothing at all about weight gain in the side effects. I am on 90mgs of Cymbalta. Can it do something to your metabalism? I am gaining weight... read more

I've had some changes since switching from Wellbutrin 150mg to 300mg XL. And not in a good way!?

I started Wellbutrin (generic) 150 mg 2x per day back in October, and it's been a miracle drug. I haven't felt that good in many years, my appetite decreased dramatically, and I had lots of energy and my anxiety subsided a bit. In early March, I started on 300mg XL (generic-Par... read more

Does Xarelto cause weight gain?

I started taking taking 15mg Xarelto 12/18/2018 finished now taking 20mg appetite seems different. Dont want to gain weight already heavy trying to lose weight.

I just started Zoloft 50 mg 3 days ago, when I can feel the difference?

Side effects I feel, sleepiness and tiredness, loss of appetite. I am a 24 years old male student, when should I expect to feel better, and have will to study? What should I expect?

What is the best drug for enhancing appetite for my elderly father?

My father had esophagus cancer some eight years ago and lost a lot of weight. He can only eat small amounts at each meal and almost everything causes sever acid reflex. As a result he has conditioned himself to only eat those things that don't cause him pain, all of which have no nutritional... read more

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