I don't care about all the other postings on Cymbalta and weight gain I want to ask my own cause it says specifically that it causes loss of appetite. Nothing at all about weight gain in the side effects. I am on 90mgs of Cymbalta. Can it do something to your metabalism? I am gaining weight like a pig SUDDENLY. Been on this dose for 3 months now. Before I was on 60 mg. So been about 6 months total. I am not eating as much as a pig anymore?? I am also on abilify which does make you gain weight but a small mg. 5mg in am, 5mg @bedtime. Been on that for like a year and a half. I did gain a little weight in the begining but not RAPIDLY like whats happening now. I weighed 148 three months ago and now its saying 155.2, once it said 157, 157 OMG. I am 5 ft. Whats going on after this long of being on both of these drugs for a long period of time. I SHOULD BE LOOSING WEIGHT!!! Oh I'm sorry this weight gain happened within 3 weeks of eachother.