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BuSpar - Has anyone noticed an increase in their appetite or weight gain?


MuseMyself 19 May 2013

Many people as I have myself questioned the same thing. This made me search for answers;I opened my pdr, I read forums,publishigs from the first clinical trial, to current, making calls, etc.
With all of the research on this medication= "Weight change"- is considered neutral for buspar.
I know if I am feeling anxious I don't want to eat.I also had different behaviors I couldn't sit still as i can now, I took that into consideration about my own weight changes...
I hope my own experience and knowledge can help you in some way. Take care-you're not alone!

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Inactive 19 March 2012

Hello diannab99. The numbers are low when it comes to weight gain when taking Buspar-Buspirone. About 1% of users in clinical studies reported gaining weight. So, 1 out of a 100 might be the equation. Regards, pledge

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diannab99 19 March 2012

Thanks so much, I went with Buspar because some of the meds I was previously on caused a lot of weight gain. I've been on Weight Watchers and it has been successful but noticed a slight increase in appetite. That could be any number of things so I will watch it.

Inactive 19 March 2012

You are welcome. I understand. Its a fight. Well good luck and I hope you gain not an ounce, pledge free discount card

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