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Can you be prescribed Ativan and Xanax together? Do they have a different action ?

Posted 28 Jan 2011 by krissa 10 answers

I was prescribed both but I thought they were for the same purpose - anxiety. Should I take both at different times?

Will Alcohol Interfere with Oral Iron Supplements for Iron Deficiency Anemic Patients?

Posted 15 May 2011 by kim0922lan 5 answers

Will heavy alcohol consumption interfere with the effects of taking Ferrous Sulfate orally for a person with has Iron Deficiency Anemia

What causes a persons knees to turn purple all of a sudden?

Posted 1 May 2013 by ashrobb89 6 answers

My mom has lupus and she has low iron. Today she has been feeling weak, tired, and fatigued. We were sitting at the table talking and all of a sudden both her knees turned dark purple. It stayed for a couple minutes and slowly faded. We both are wondering what could cause this.

Mixing Zoloft (100 mg) and Vyvanse (50 mg) 20 year old college athlete?

Posted 5 Feb 2015 by wondergirl99 3 answers

I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2nd grade, PTSD/ Depression and Anemia in 9th grade. I started routinely taking Vyvanse in 10th grade and off and on with Zoloft until this past year where i began to take it routinely. obvious symptoms: weight fluctuation, insomnia, arrhythmia, loss of appetite. But ...

Fatigue - What is causing me to sleep so much and what can I do ?

Posted 20 Mar 2011 by bcindyfree 7 answers

I have a vitamin D defiency and iron defiecent anemia. I am sleeping 10-12 hours a night. What is causing me to sleep this much? What can I do to get back to 8 hours a night. I am missing time by not having a morning. I appreciate anyone's view on this. I take iron supplements and vitamin D ...

I Was told I was low in vitamin D and read that vitamin D3 is the vitamin to take. It's all confusi?

Posted 21 Oct 2011 by Mary C 4 answers

I Was told I was low in vitamin D and read that vitamin D3 is the vitamin to take. It's all confusing to me. I am a 69 year old female with severe Crohns Disease, anemia (just had two more blood transfusions) and arthritis. A combination of D3, Magnesium and Calcium made a huge difference with ...

What is the best over the counter probiotics, vitamins, etc for a 70 yr old women?

Posted 25 Sep 2013 by marti545 3 answers

I have been ill for several months with one thing or another (Colds, bronchitis, anemia) and finally starting to feel better, and I'd love to stay this way..

How long would it take for Depo to get out my system?

Posted 7 Jan 2018 by Shay456 1 answer

I got the Nexplanon implant may 2017 it was the worst first if all I have anemia so my periods or super heavy so I was on the nexplanon for 4 months it didn’t work Ionly got on it cause I thought my periods would stop it made me bleed for 5 months straight non stop so I called in to the umpc ...

Is anemia and anemic the same thing?

Posted 16 Feb 2011 by tejanectic 1 answer

are this to the same thing

Cymbalta - Has anyone been diagnosed with anemia after being on cybalta?

Posted 4 Mar 2012 by Cloud751 5 answers

I have been on Cymbalta for about a year. I have fibromyalgia and major depression. I have found it to be a great medication for me. But now I have been diagnosed with anemia. I have never had anemia and wondered if anyone else ran into this problem .

Iron Deficiency Anemia - Does Lansoprazole interfere with iron tablets?

Posted 30 Jun 2013 by Jemimartoo 1 answer

If Lansoprazole interefers with iron absorption then I'm wasting my time but these two medications have been prescribed by my Dr so I am confused

Depression - I am taking 30 mg of lexapro and had just discovered I have thyroid, anemia and other?

Posted 22 Jan 2010 by emma1car 3 answers

... health problems can i reduce my med to 20 mg if i've been on 30 mg for about 6 months?

Does Anyone Know About Anemia, what kinds are there, and how they're treated?

Posted 18 Oct 2012 by Thor283 4 answers

I've been being told I have a touch of Mediterranean's anemia since I was 25, now I'm 60. The Doc's never worried about it because my Mother and grandparents are from Italy. Sp the Doc's said it was normal. But now something new is happening. My Doc did blood work on me a ...

What is the best treatment for anaemia and low hemoglobin?

Posted 9 Aug 2011 by IdaV 1 answer

I suffer from Thrombocythemia and have been taking Anagrelide for the last 20 years. Now as a side effect to Anagrelide I suffer from Anemia and my hemoglobin was 7.5 and I had to be hospitalized for a transfusion and my hemoglobin was 10 when I left the hospital. Two months later my hemoglobin is ...

Depo-Provera - Will Depo stop my uterine bleeding?

Posted 8 Oct 2012 by Mal-John12 1 answer

I've recently had a D&C for dysfuctional uterine bleeding. It worked for a week then I started back bleeding heavily. I've been admitted into the hospital for severe anemia. I've had a pelvic exam blood tests and CT scan but everything seems to be normal. Now the gyno wants to ...

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