I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2nd grade, PTSD/ Depression and Anemia in 9th grade. I started routinely taking Vyvanse in 10th grade and off and on with Zoloft until this past year where i began to take it routinely. obvious symptoms: weight fluctuation, insomnia, arrhythmia, loss of appetite. But these symptoms have seem to have gotten worse. I'm always sleepy, i could sleep for 24 hours straight and still be tired, but then sometimes i can stay up for 24 hours and not have a problem. I never eat, it makes me feel sick. I feel weak all the time, which is not normal because I am a college swimmer and strength is, well, one of my strengths. I pick at everything, fingernails, hair of my legs, scabs- i pick until i'm bleeding and i don't notice that i'm doing it until then.
I know as a college student, especially an athlete is tiresome, my day starts at 6am and doesn't end until 10pm on most days- so i know its normal to be tired and weak. but this is a different kind. I also just feel trapped inside my head. like a different time of depressed. sometimes i'm super focused and other times i'm in another world.

i guess i'm asking is this normal? I've been trying to change dosages my vyvanse but it doesn't seem to get better.
do i have something else, or am i just crazy ?