After my 12 year olds constant complaining about how Adderall made him feel, his doctor switched him to Vyvanse. When he updated her that it made him feel the same she decided maybe the dosage (60mg) was too high and gave me instructions to undo the capsul, pour it into 4 oz of water and have him drink 1/3rd of the water in the morning before school and put it in the fridge for the next 2 days. Not sure why she wouldn't just lower the dosage but whatever. Unfortunately he's extremely over dramatic about the taste so I'm wondering if I could pour it into something besides water. Don't want to ask the doctor bc according to her - "water should be the ONLY thing he should EVER be allowed to drink" (she doesn't have kids obviously). Has anyone else received similar instructions and do your children have similar complaint and how do you deal with it? Truth is I don't like forcing him to take something that doesn't make him feel good but the difference in his grades and progress in school when he's on it vs. not on it is just night and day. Any experiences or advice is greatly appreciated.