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Has anyone noticed weight gain with Celexa?

Posted 30 Sep 2009 by Valatron 66 answers

I had been on Wellbutrin but had to stop due to increased agitation and rage issues. I am now on Celexa and have noticed weight gain. I also wake up with puffiness around the eyes. Has anyone experienced this? Will it go away?? The Celexa is supposed to treat depression, but if I keep gaining ...

After initial dose of prozac, how long to get it out of your system? After taking prozac last night?

Posted 23 Feb 2013 by sandy7of9 2 answers

... awoke with severe shaking, agitation, crying from frustration of not knowing what's happening to me. Please help me find out how long it will take before it gets out of my system

Am I having side effects or is it just anxiety?

Posted 1 day 9 hours ago by Con96 2 answers

I have really bad anxiety and my GP has started me on 10mg Citalopram and I've been taking it for 4 days i feel awful... hot, restless, anxious, shaking breathless, light headed and drowsy. Is this side effects or am i just being anxious?

I have been on citalopram for over 15 years, and get symptoms if I fail to take it. Are there any?

Posted 7 Apr 2017 by Metoo47 3 answers

... long term effects? So far I try NOT to avoid taking my daily pill, because if I don't take it... I get panic attacks or get so much more emotional: sadness and crying, or anger and fighting... So I'm staying on it, but worry about what the long term effects could be???

Pregabalin - Taking 25mg twice per day for 1 month?

Posted 19 Mar 2017 by frogs8484 1 answer

At first I thought this drug was a miracle .It calmed me down, stopped the adrenaline , and stopped my restless legs and inner agitation and restlessness . I've only been on this dose one month and I already think it's stopped working . Is this drug really worth it if I'm going to be ...

Can Zyprexa / olanzapine cause hyper anxiety and or restlessness?

Posted 17 Jan 2017 by BRYAN68 1 answer

My friend is taking this med and has not been herself since she has started taking it. Her anxiety is and has been off of the wall and she has not been able to organize a thought. This was NOT happening before she was introduced to it. She was anxious when she was first hospitalized but now her ...

Combining Sertriline (Zoloft) and lamotrigine (lamictal)?

Posted 12 Dec 2016 by Nport 2 answers

Hi, I've been on both of these medicines for a few years now, but last week I was instructed to increase my Zoloft to 75mg and reduce my Lamictal to 100mg. I was also put on risperidone for OCD/bipolar. The first 2 days went okay but I had a bad dizzy panic attack in the grocery store ...

I have been on citalopram for about five days and I'm not sure if I should continue with it?

Posted 7 Dec 2016 by Msweet 3 answers

I get really bad anxiety, no motivation and all I want to do is sleep all day. On my days off I lay in bed til 11am. But when I work (I work 12 hour shifts - rotation, so I work both nights and days). Depression was taking over. I used to go it with friends, shop, go to the movies, beach and be ...

Plan B sick for months, is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Posted 29 Dec 2016 by Melissafinnis1977 1 answer

I took Plan B in October and am still sick since it's almost January. When I took it I immediately felt flushed hard time breathing cramps sore breasts hot flashes and agitation. Since have had all the above plus feeling extreme fatigue weakness along with lethargy and fogginess, moodiness. ...

Depression and anxiety. Basically I've been on citalopram a long time and had a severe depression?

Posted 20 Aug 2016 by Debs21uk 1 answer

... so I upped my meds to 30mg. After seeing my dr at the time she wanted to go higher which I did but didn't tolerate well. Basically she yoyoed my dose 6 times in 8 weeks then I refused to budge at 35mg as my anxiety was through the the roof and became crippling. I saw a psych who added in ...

Citalopram and extreme muscle twitches?

Posted 6 Dec 2016 by shizuka1 1 answer

I just started taking 5 mg of Citalopram and the first day I felt almost no side effects. The second day of the medication my speech suddenly started slurring and I got a weird tension, anxiety and a mild fever. I started shaking uncontrollably and my whole body would get tense. Then I started ...

Citalopram - Anyone out there dealing with Pure O OCD?

Posted 24 Oct 2016 by Beachlife 2 answers

I'm a middle aged woman with a successful career and loving family. I've always had mild anxiety and OCD tendencies which were easily manageable but over the last year I've been obsessed with thinking I am unable to swallow and will have to constantly spit. I was recently taken off ...

I take 60 mg of citalopram & 60 mg of Viibryd a day. Should I worry about such a large dosage taken?

Posted 31 Oct 2016 by RadBady 1 answer

... daily for several years now? I think I should see another psychiatrist to determine if I am taking too much of antidepressants.

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