... medication.. Its been nearly 5 weeks on 20mg and Im STILL constantly feeling emotionally numb and totally out of it. I can feel that my social anxiety is numb and gone, but to the point where I dont even care anymore. I dont feel like myself, just constantly tired and lethargic. I feel like my my mind is in a total fog and even my love for my girlfriend is difficult to feel anymore.

I do know that I need to stay on meds, but whats the point in life if you cant feel anything? I feel like this issue is only making my anxiety worse because the numbness and sedation traps me even more inside my head.

Is it possible for 10-15mg to be a therapeutic dose for my anxiety, without as much of the numbness? My Psychiatrist wants to raise me to 30mg, but I cant handle feeling anymore spaced out than I already do. I just want a happy medium