I'm 16 years old and I've recently struggled with feeling detached and felling like life is a dream my vision seems weird and things don't seem the same all f this started after I had a massive panic attack a few days ago during I the panic attack my body felt numb my heart was going crazy since then I've been getting better but the feeling of it is 24/7. I also wouldn't be able to sleep and felt light headed and dizzy. I went to see my GP and he prescribed me 10 mg of citalopram with 50mg of stresam that u take twice a day. I've just started it and I've been really stressing whether or not it's going to work, I started feeling drowsy and continuously yawning I also have stomach pain and last night I was agitated and angry I fell asleep but woke up covered in sweat and the stomach pains were worse I can't sleep and It feels like I'm twitching. Please help me I don't know if I should carry on because I've literally been on it for two days and I feel anxious that it damages me or I loose my mind or something. Will it help with thoughts and anxiety and I'm so scared I end up mentally retarded or die. Please guys I need some serious advice and help