I've just recently started back on Citalopram 20mg for a second time in recent years, I've only been on 20mg for 8 days or so, 10mg 4 days before that.

It does seem to be helping with anxiety/panic and depression issues already, if that's possible, but I'm suffering with pretty severe side effects that I've not previously experienced.

I'm having difficulty sleeping, only get about 3-4 hours a night and then can't get back to sleep, nor can I sleep during the day. When I do sleep, I'm in and out of sleep rapidly, with feelings of panic.

I also feel extremely exhausted, mild pressure and buzzing in my head, heavy/tired eyes, dizziness and a general feeling of lethargy. I also have almost no appetite, but I've been forcing myself to eat.

This is wreaking havoc on my anxiety, because I'm worried it's not the pills and that something else might be wrong with me, even though it didn't really start until I started taking the Citalopram.

Any advice?