My anxiety was never too bad and i only ever suffered with a couple of pannic attacks over the last few years but now I am having panic attacks 2 or 3 times a week, I can’t sit in the car for long, I won’t go for a walk or to the shop by myself and when I go with someone else I have to prepare myself for it. I constantly have heartburn. I cant sleep at night and a lot of the time I think that I am having a heart attack and I overthink the smallest things and worry about them. When I go on staycations I need to make sure that there is a hospital close to me or I won’t feel safe. I never tried therapy or anything else to try and help it. I finally went to the doctor and i was prescribed this medication but I have not taken it as I am scared of the side affects and if I become dependent on it. I was always skeptical when it came to taking tablets and I am really unsure if I should take this or not as the reviews seem to be very 50/50. I feel like I am looking for more opinions and advice as I can’t make up my own mind?