Hello I’m looking for some help!
I was on citalopram for the best part of 10 years and it worked amazing for my ocd and anxiety, silly me stopped taking them as I thought I could cope and BOOM anxiety and intrusive thoughts came back with vengeance!
I have been ruminating and a lot and I am constantly within my own head and I cannot think normally it’s driving me mad!!
I’ve been on Prozac now for over 2 months. To begin with I noticed slight improvements in my intrusive thoughts being less scary and being able to manage them , and I also had small moments of clarity which was nice as I hadn’t felt them in such a long time!
However the last 1-2 weeks I have noticed my mood is very low I’m starting to have panic attacks again and I just feel completely hopeless like this is never going to go!

Can I please have some advice!
What medication work as well as citalopram did for me and is there any other things I can do?

I’ve tried yoga, mindfulness, reading, counseling and I’m stuck!