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5-HTP Questions

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Is 5-HTP safe with Klonopin and Seroquel 30-60 minutes before taking 5-HTP?

I'm repeating this with change to conversation rather than one answer. Thought maybe somebody would see it and answer if I changed to "start a conversation." Is 5-HTP safe with Lamictal, ativan, klonopin seroquel? My doctor says it is and a compounding pharmacist/chemist said it... read more

Can I start taking 5-HTP again. I stopped because I had a stomach ulcer?

I was taking 5-htp for anxiety just over a year ago but then I had a stomach ulcer and stopped. It's been over a year since having the ulcer. Could I start taking it again?

Why is 5-HTP causing my kidneys to hurt?

I've been taking 5-htp for about a week, and ever since I started taking it, my kidneys have been sore. I can't find any information about this, does anyone have any idea?

Does anyone drink alcohol while taking 5-HTP?

I have drunk mostly organic red wine every evening for more than 20 years, but feel pretty awful drinking it since I began taking 5-HTP @ 50-100 mg per day. Note that my dose is part of a nutritional formulation that includes GABA, Passion flower and linden flowers. I also take a purple mushroom... read more

Depression - SAMe & Drowsiness? Night or Day?

I started taking SAMe (400 mg in the morning) for mild depression, but found it makes me very sleepy during? the day about 4 hours after taking it. This doesn't seem to be a common side effect; so I'm wondering if I should start taking it at night (I have some sleeping issues as well), or... read more

5-HTP - What can I take along with 5 htp for depression and high anxiety?

I've had bad experiences with anti-depressants and anxiety medications and want to try a more natural method. I've taken 5 htp off and on over the years and haven't noticed any change. Maybe I didn't take it regularly enough. But I recently started taking it again (200 MG a day)... read more

5-HTP - Can I combine this with Seroquel?

I am bipolar and on Seroquel 300mg. Would 5-HTP help or hinder me and would in interact with my medication?

5-HTP - Is 5HTP and Citalopram compatable?

5-HTP - When should I take 5hpt?

I started on 5hpt yesterday and I felt great. I took 100mg 3 times daily without food, the last dose was about an hour before bed. I don't think I got any sleep at all. Has anyone had success by lowering the dose or shifting the times taken.

5-HTP - Can I take 5 htp with adderall?

I currently take adderall and have taken 5 htp in the past. I feel like I need a temporary boost for fighting anxiety and mild depression. Was just wondering if I would have side effects.

Is it safe to take 5-HTP with Accutane?

I know there's a drug interactions checker, but I just wanna make sure that it's safe before I do anything.

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